Coronado door mirror bracket broke

Discussion in 'Freightliner Forum' started by Roanokemassey, Nov 2, 2022.

  1. Roanokemassey

    Roanokemassey Bobtail Member

    Jan 29, 2022
    We have 3 Coronados, and 3 Columbia's with the door mirrors that bolt to the top of the door and the middle of the door. They are heated and power adjust with the cb antena mount too.
    The drivers side mirror bracket broke at the top of door on a Coronado. The mirror and the u-shaped arm are fine. I just need the bracket that mounts with 2 screws to tepaor it. Freightliner says it's a discontued part.
    I am not sure what type of metal the bracket is made of.
    Has anyone tried welding that bracket?
    Or does anyone know of an aftermarket part?
    I hate to fork over 500 dollars for a complete mirror when I just need that top bracket.
    Thanks in advance
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