Covenant Loses $3M

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    Jul 15, 2007
    Trucker Covenant Loses $3M

    Trucker hauls less freight at lower rates with more accidents
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    Apr 4, 2007
    Lookout drivers.

    Look for pay cuts to happen and even lower idle. Might even increase the cost for those that idle.

    They have to be able to maintain his salary.:yes2557:
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    Jul 8, 2007
    in eastern shore
    Warning Covenant drivers: The company is resorting to taking back it's own trucks.
    What is their's is their's - except for the following scenario:
    John Hill is in the motel owned by Covenant in Chattanooga, waiting for his next load. He realizes things are slow.
    He's been told by his DM one will be in the next day. So John grabs some pizza and goes back to his room. The next morning he starts his daily walk to get a load and he notices his truck is gone.
    Well, it's difficult to steal a truck at Covenant so he figures it's been taken to one of the docks. He walks around and doesn't spot it so he goes to the DM's office. There is where he finds out he'd been fired the day before and that the truck has been reposesed.

    Gone is the truck, they have double keys so the one in John's hand was never security, his tv is gone, his clothes are gone, his personal belongings (he's worked there for more than a year) are gone, everything has been stolen. Noise is made on how management is concerned about the theft and will help him recover about $2.000 including cash he didn't trust in the motel. After all, the truck has been his home for a year now.

    He has no wheels. The personal truck he has parked was vandalized months ago and he hasn't had the time to repair it. Now broke, he can't do it at all, least of all in a day. Oh yes, he was asked to leave the premises, IMMEDIATELY as he no longer works for the company, he is not to be trusted - so he asks for a ticket home. Traveling on a bus is no problem as he has nothing left. He gets to the bus station and there he is told the bus ticket has been canceled. So he has been fired, belongings stolen and is stranded at the bus station.

    His last check is sent to him some weeks later. More or less correct. And then a year or so down the road he receives a call from a collection company. Reason: cleaning the inside of the truck, disposing of personal belongings left inside of the truck, and not turning the truck in along with the key. How much did having his goods stolen cost him? Add another $1,000 dollars. Five hundred to clean inside and the rest in smaller fees. Covenant had his last check, had he owed anything Covenant would have never released that last check. COMPRENDE??? The big fish always eats up the little one. Covenant, along with CRST, CR England and slew of others are easy to get on with, but you'll lose a year or two of your life.

    So much for a "christian" company.
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    Sep 14, 2009
    haha they suck, a "Christian" based company LMAO!
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    Mar 30, 2010
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    Well Ms Fuzzy only good come out of a christian company . If you are a (VA) military or mafia as myself it lets you get even with in-laws, working for a christian company helps when you are reconcile. It is a good thing I filed my chapter 7 and was discharged before I was recruited, those buzards are waiting for any that can pay for their faults. I left owing 1,000.00 for a claim for two accidents. We cant prevent what those government carries have in store for us . With a christian company I received a fasle prophet as a co- driver . Well good luck in the second largest industry.
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