COVID: Truckers block the Paso de los Libres border in response to Brazilian drivers

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    Coronavirus: Truckers block the Paso de los Libres border in response to Brazilian drivers who do not present tests
    Article from Pledge Times
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    "The management of the coronavirus pandemic has not only confronted the governments of Argentina and Brazil, but now also the truckers of both countries in a conflict that escalated and for which Argentine drivers have now blocked the Paso de los border crossing."
    "“Faced with the hostility, the aggression against the truck drivers, the National Federation of Truck Drivers decided to leave the Argentine Customs without activity at the border crossing with Brazil in Paso de los Libres, where all customs and immigration papers are processed “says the statement from the truckers."
    "“The border crossing has been cut and in this way and the loads of the regional economy of the Mercosur has been paralyzed and the trucks coming from the neighboring country are not allowed to enter”, announced Omar Pérez, Secretary of Transport Policies of the Federation of Truckers."
    "This week, the government of Jair Bolsonaro asked Argentina, Chile and also Peru to relax the health requirements imposed on their truckers to enter those countries, after warnings from carriers that anti-virus measures could cause a “collapse” in the borders.
    Two days ago, the Brazilian truck drivers closed the border crossing on the Uruguaiana side, and now the Argentines replied with the same measure on the Corrientes side, along a route that around 1000 trucks pass per day."
    “This situation arises from the negativity of the self-summoned truckers from Brazil from Uruguaiana to refuse to carry out PCR and in some cases because they present analyzes Antigens of doubtful origin, in a context that has the neighboring country as the main source of infection of the new strain from Manaus, “says the Trucker’s statement.” Argentine Customs continued to dispatch trucks despite the non-entry of trucks from Argentina to Brazilian territory, and fully knowing the alarming situation from Brazil, regardless of the health of Truckers ” ."
    "In Brazil, they point out that transport companies “have been reporting on the challenges to comply with the measures, due to the lack of infrastructure to carry out PCR tests at the border or on the international route.”"
    "Brazil has been going through a resurgence of coronavirus cases for weeks, especially the P1 variant, from Manaus. With more than 360,000 deaths and 13.7 million cases, the country ranks second in the world in absolute numbers of deaths, only surpassed by the United States."

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