Crooks Liars cheaters con artist mgl Logistics Schiller Park Illinois

Discussion in 'Report A BAD Trucking Company Here' started by Hottruck1973, Jun 19, 2019.

  1. speedyk

    speedyk Road Train Member

    Apr 8, 2015
    At least he didn't mention how they can be made from dried orange peels.
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  3. FlaSwampRat

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    Jun 1, 2019
    Valrico FL
    I just googled this and apparently you can stab someone with a weapon you make out of toilet paper....going off of googled search results it seems to be pretty popular. If prison wasn't scary enough now you can be stabbed by toilet paper..... apparently everything is dangerous lol.
  4. mjd4277

    mjd4277 Road Train Member

    Oct 4, 2015
    Well it’s certainly different from the usual conversations on the CB where somebody usually says “I ain’t got no panties on!”ROTFLMMFAO
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  5. mjd4277

    mjd4277 Road Train Member

    Oct 4, 2015
    Brings toilet paper cuts to a whole new level!!
    Don’t squeeze the Charmin!!!:laughing-guffaw:
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  6. REO6205

    REO6205 Trucker Forum STAFF Staff Member

    Feb 15, 2014
    Prison? Never been. County jail or reservation jail? Enough.
  7. yes indeed even sometimes the guards and the wardens are amazed at what kind of weapons people can craft in prison..
    it's just too bad they couldn't apply this kind of skills in the real world and they wouldn't be locked up in the first place was a unique talent like that
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  8. this is exactly what I've talked about more than once that I've gotten debunked almost into arguments...I'm from Chicago I've been driving for 30 years where I live right off of Interstate 55 is one of the biggest rent a foreigner areas that started and still has even though it's expanded further north and west..
    thank you for confirming not only my suspicions but my facts.
  9. Bumper

    Bumper Road Train Member

    Feb 8, 2008
    Kingsport, Tennessee
    I get Christmas cards from all the guys I put there.....LOL
  10. illState708

    illState708 Bobtail Member

    Dec 4, 2017
    I thought just reading all of these comments from last year was just bs. I find myself up there this past two week reading just what the comments was all about and actually living it just like it was said in the comments. Man I'm so glad I drove my car there just to deal with some ####ty ### company. They didn't care how I got home or how anyone gets home. They send a guy home just because of a medical form that could of been faxed to them..smdh
    I don't see them being in business very long, with these sad ### actions. People need to know not to take a long trip to Chicago from anywhere, because you will not be bused or plan back home.. Things they don't tell you is
    1 You keep the same trailer
    2 Trucks has camera facing inside viewing the whole cab inside and outside
    3 lane departure
    4 abhinsive breaking system
    5 The adds on Facebook is all lies intill you actually there then #### change up when in person
    6 they said trucks govern at 70 and 73 on cruise control, then you get there one person saids 69 then another saids 68
    7 The bs motel across the Street is ####ed up and smells like ####
    8 Employees can speak English and DON'T KEEP ASKING THEM TO REPEAT BECAUSE THEY WILL BE PISSED OFF and when they piss off you'll know it when they talk #### speaking Russian to there co workers about you.
    You have to be a dame fool or desperate for a job if you go here for employment. I don't see them in business too long it's a waist of time. I didn't take noticed about these comments because I was already there and seen it for myself. Thank god we have Truckers Report
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