CRST contract drivers (CA ONLY) MUST READ!!!

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    Since 2005, it now appears as though CRST has engaged in illegal business practices via their 8 month new driver contracts. In a settlement reached recently between CRST Van Ex and several named former drivers, CRST has agreed to nullify all driver contracts for current and former hires in the state of California only. Although they contend the money is still owed, the have agreed not to persue any former students to retrieve the cost of tuiton. This includes ALL interest and finance charges added by CRST and or its third party collection agencies. Any remaining costs, such as physical, DOT drug or advance money is still owed, however. In addition, CRST must report to all creditors and collectors alike that the debt has been competely satisfied per the terms of contract. Whats MOST important; If you are a FORMER STUDENT of ASD via CRST in fontana who has NOT received your CDL certificate due to the contract hold, you MUST notify the firm handling the case as soon as you receive your mailing packet and request additional information on how to receive it.

    There is also a cash award being paid to all formers in an amount ranging from 100 to 600 dollars (or more) depending on which employment tier they fell under. Mailing packets are being sent this week and must be responded to by September 2012 for inclusion in the dollar amount awards.
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    Nov 26, 2009
    good news ,F crst and hope they die an agonizing slow death,if all would leave these aholes they would no longer be around

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    Oct 19, 2010
    EL Cajon C.A.
    I received mine today, fun times! here we go again. CRST is like a bad sports team, all the problem's are at the top.
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