CRST Malone Settlements

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  1. Furbiscuit

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    Dec 1, 2012
    Firstly this has nothing to do with load availability, agents, freight prices, etc. As an O/O it is purely my responsibility to find good loads and stay in a good location for loads. I did fine for that and made money. I recently signed on with CRST, and things were going ok. 75% to the truck sounded great, and figured since I had my own agents already I could make more money. Wasn't doing bad in that regard.

    The problem I had was when I took the time to go over the settlements. I noticed them playing the "shell game" with money, and them keeping money that was not thiers. The settlement sheet that I have is not all inclusive, or even accurate for what was on it. The deductions on the truck itself were listed accurately for the most part (any fixed deduction was accurate, %'s were off, aka physical damage insurance). The linehaul portion is what is out of whack. Certain things, such as Fuel Sur-Charge, Tarp, Orientation, are not listed at all, but according to Payroll, they are being included in the "advancement" portion, and then taken back out. Except that since they are not listed at all in the linehaul, the payment of them is not being included in the linehaul (and I have the printouts out of the complete linehaul at the time I agreed to take the load, well before settlement), so they are taking money back that was never included. The best part is how they are manipulating the % that CRST takes based off the linehaul. Numbers are not adding up to even percentages, within a penny is what I go by. If you can't take a percentage and have a margin within a penny, its theft plain and simple. 1st load was 25.621% ($1.51 off in their favor), 2nd load was 27.03% ($2.18 to them), 3rd load was 26.14%($0.98 to them). I have terminated my relationship with CRST due to thier breaking the contract, which they are fighting, with the excuses for the %'s and that they were merely rounding out numbers and nothing remotely logical over the advancements.

    Ya, stuff like that is a major warning sign that something is up with the books, most likely cooking of them. You are warned, and if you do work for them as an O/O, DFO, or LP please go back and look at your settlements and load information prior to the settlement. Make certain you are financially getting what you agreed to in writing (the contract). Verbal contracts don't mean squat, so don't use them at all. And always have your agents email you the load information / confirmation so that you have a paper trail to protect yourself.

    Now its time to find a new company to lease on with....
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    May 28, 2012
    Sorry to hear about your trouble. I have been with CRST for almost 2 years and I consider myself to be a bit of a Numbers geek, and I haven't had any problems with the linehaul percentages being off. I have had some problems with maintnance billing me incorrect for some work here and there but the girls in payroll always research it and make it right the by the end of business when I call. I've even had them call and ask me if I noticed a certain deduction that they caught Maintenance putting in before I even had a chance to look at my settlement, and fixed it the same day.
    Hope you have better luck at the next place you lease to.

    and as always
    Be safe out there.
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    Jul 3, 2012
    Daphne, Al
    Just wait now for your escrow funds to see if they mess with them. I also had same experience with them with my own equipment. Still have not rec a statement as to what funds they kept and to what part of lease auth them to touch these funds. Mainly speaking of my maint fund i was putting up. still no explaination as to where it went just a bill for a tag and permts never put on my truck.
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    What about Landstar?
  5. steelhorse336

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    Nov 24, 2012
    They stole my "performance bond" and never paid me about 700 bucks on top of that for the last load i delivered for them. before anybody asks i was never late picking up or delivering a load and i didnt owe them anything when i quit. They are just a bunch of lying thieves!!!
  6. shevyshon78

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    Nov 14, 2010
    Sparta TN

    I noticed the same thing when I was there .....talked to payroll they have a simple explanation for everything almost like they send them to school on how to explain in a nice way of screwing ya. After leaving they owed me $950 ...they have the sack to send me a bill saying I owe them $2200 hahaha. I tell em pay me my money and I'll pay u yours otherwise I just file their bill under T for trashcan lol!
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