CRST Ruined My Career

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    But anyways how CRST ruined my career is:
    I was delivering a load in Florida one Thursday morning in 2010

    So it's been ruined for a couple of years now? In all that time you'd think he'd get his numbers straight!
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    Apr 30, 2012
    If I were you, I would obtain a copy of the police report (if you don't already have one) & dispute the DAC report. I would also file a complaint w/ FMCSA for them forcing you to drive illegally. The wreck will remain on your record for 5 years. Tips for filing your DAC dispute make sure to mail your dispute letter & all supporting documents Certified Mail w/ return receipt requested, as there is a 30 day window that CRST has to respond. This window begins the day your dispute is received. By sending it as mentioned you have proof when it was received. If CRST fails to respond w/in that 30 days the disputed info comes off of your DAC report.
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    Sounds like another one post wounder. Nothing to see hear, move along.. BTW you screwed yourself by driven for CRST in the first place..
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    Feb 11, 2012
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    First thing, your ruined your own career, for not keeping updated documentation, when it comes to logs.
    The question now, is it worth running falsified logs for the carrier to make delivery, or more revenue..?
    The only one who looses in the end is you.
    The rules under D.O.T. state, "anytime you change status that must be entered in your log".
    Had the D.O.T. or NTSB, been on the scene, of the accident, and asked you to produce your logs, for review, leading up to the accident, you could have been hit with a fine, for not keeping them current.
    CSA Point assement..! :biggrin_25524:
    You stated that 2 vehicles, got in front of you, and started driving wreckless ?
    What happen to you slowing down, to allow them to move ahead or off the road, and avoid any contact, by you stopping ?
    Your statement that you saw this happening, was enough time for you to react and take a "safe course of action" then to keep roll'n and get involved.
    The police are not truckers, and from the safety departments stand point, you could have avoided this accident, with either of those other parties, which they can now find away to sue CRST for getting involved in their "beef they were having" ! :biggrin_25515:
    CRST will have to pay for damage to both vehicles, weather you made contact or not.
    They could have staged this situation for which they" sucked you in", all because you failed to use some "defensive measures" and slow down or pull off and stop, that would have avoided the accident ? :biggrin_25524:
    That's what I would have done..Hit the brakes, let these "2 clowns" get down the road, don't have time to fill out the paper work, on B. S.:biggrin_25513:
    Reads like "hard cheese" but that's the real world.
    Know the rules, and live by them, and keep all your "ducks in a row"...:biggrin_2558:
    Your the commercial driver that was trained and obtained a C.D.L. to drive the "big trucks"..!
    Defensive Driving Skills, # 1 Priority, for all situations.....!:biggrin_2558:
    Your The Professional, Let's Learn to Drive & Handle It That Way...! :biggrin_255:
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    If I listened and followed everything a company wanted me to do,my carreer would probably be ruined too.Companies,dispatchers cannot make drivers do anything unless they put a gun to your head.You should have quit CRST long before all this happened.Sorry they ruined your carreer.You hitting those vehicles was clearly not your fault.I would suggest getting a lawyer to fight that if you ever wanna drive again.
  6. JaeBro

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    Feb 11, 2012
    Hammond Indiana
    Hire a lawyer for what...?
    It's an accident, which a "mega corporation" vehicle is involved.
    Right or wrong he got tangled up in the accident, so the small percentage for being involved CRST will have to pay..
    By his own statement he saw something happening which gave him a chance to react & avoid the accident...?
    If your running a "shakey log book", that's all the more reason, one's "defensive driving skills" need to be applied.
    Where can you go, with a "big truck" to get around two vehicles that are in front of you driving crazy..?
    I'll bet they knew each other, and sucked the driver in to get involved to get "paid cash money" from CRST.
    End result, you got involved in their B. S. accident which your carrier has to pay damage claims on 2 vehicles.
    Your Terminated...because your in "Too Big a Hurry To Slow Down".
    The "Hard Cheese Lesson" here is don't put your career on the block for any carrier which could have a "drastic impact" on your future to drive, should something happen. "MURPHY'S LAW IS 24/7 IN TRUCKING"
    In the end you'll be standing alone, your carrier will wash their hands of you as a driver, then show D.O.T. "It was driver error, and we terminated him from the company".
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    always keep distance from other vehicle and you as possible and if you see 2 idiots doing stupid things with there vehicle that should be the clue to stay away from them as possible.
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    POSSIBLE is a really big word,sometimes you just can't.
    But I agree you should always try.
  9. evd

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    Apr 23, 2012
    Reading PA
    I mean sound like he just kept driving assuming was not his problem .
    I know not possible always to react but we have to try everything possible to avoid accidents.
  10. pattyj

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    Jul 19, 2008
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    He said the vehicles darted out in front of him which gave him no chance of slowing down.Far as running a shakey log book,yes he was clearly to blame and should have just quit before digging himself in deeper.Companies are also to blame for even trying to force drivers to run illegal for their precious loads.Companies don't pay me enough to kiss their ###.
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