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Discussion in 'CRST' started by oneblueknight4ever, Jul 7, 2006.

  1. Ronnocomot

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    Sep 1, 2006
    sounds like a recruiter.........
  2. BigTex

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    Sep 20, 2006
    No, I ain't no recruiter. Actually I am a over the road trainer for the company. I know what new drivers are going through out here and try to help them as much as I can. I speak for myself and what I deal with not on the company's behalf. I don't really care who someone is working for as long as they are making money and happy doing it. But at the same time I am not going to watch some idiot put down a company because he doesn't do his job and he wants to be a winny cry baby and bash someone else for his laziness. Where I come from we got words for those types of people, but I can't type them on here. So you can think what you want. I know what I'm doing.
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  3. Truckin Juggalo

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    Aug 5, 2006
    Madisonville, TN
    I worked at CRST for 9 months, it wasnt a bad company i havent bad mouthed the company at all i post what happened to me and when people ask about it i post what to expect as of when i Quit...

    I'm Glad you like being a Trainer, But 1 thing you have to remember about makeing that $1250 a week pay check, is as a Trainer at CRST Van Exped, you Get all the Miles that the Truck Runs Plus Training Incentives. while the student got 1/2 which i think now they just made it salry of 350 a week...

    1 of the reasons i dont reccomend CRST for new Students is because the Bulk of their Trainers have had between (when i was there) 6mths and 2 years experience..

    I've been Driving for almost 3 years and i remember when CRST Pressured me into being a Trainer after my contract was up only after 6 months of driving.. in my opinion that is the blind leading the blind.. i personaly feel training should be left up to those with 8 years or more experience with Great Incentives and Company longeveity bonuses... when i worked there we had 6 deaths in 1 week and they were all Students and Trainers...

    Another Reason is the policy at CRST Makes it a Bad Training Experience for the Students.. For Example when i was there the Trainer was suppost to sit in the Front Seat and help out for the 1st 5 days of Training then after that week was over you went to just Running as teams.. and that in my opinion is Cheap Labor Exploitation they only paid us 18cpm for 1/2 the miles and now they only pay 350 a week to the student...

    I personaly Perfer the Policy of Training that USX has, being that the Student is the only 1 allowed to drive and must log 170 hours behind the wheel, and the Trainer IS Not allowed to Drive what So Ever and the logs are Scrutnized by the logging and training dept to ensure that every hour
    What i Dislike about it is that they still Obtain their trainers from 6mths experience and up.. that is wrong in my book like i said above training should be left to the more experienced driver's
  4. slowmotion1065

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    May 31, 2006
    I should hope someone checks out my last post. I'm still trying to get paid for 2 weeks worth of driving. I have a paystub that says I got paid but nothing was put on my comdata. Payroll is being a B**** with their attitude about me wanting to get paid. They terminated me after 3 weeks because of a failed urine test from over a year ago and I have been clean since that first test. Yes, the truck I got was crappy with a promise of a new truck by Christmas. We see how well that's going! I have a perfect driving record minus the urine test and that was enough. They'll take the cowboys but not those with a proven driving record. Any company that says, "don't worry about the mileage pay, you get lots of extra pay." There's the warning bell. I feel like one of those other drivers that just reamed by their ex-employer and can't get what they truly deserve. Just to note, I am not one of those lazy drivers. I didn't have a problem getting up at 4am or driving til 10pm. I love trucking and the lifestyle and take great pride in the job that I do, and my record proves that!
  5. MrBill

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    Nov 15, 2006
    Yes there are some issues with maintenance, but instead of screaming at the shop foreman to make sure it is fixed right go over their head and if nothing else check your trucks out before you drive them to help prevent some of the lengthy shop visits. CRST runs Freightliner Century class right now. They trade them out every three years. The only reason that you will get bad equipment with the company is if you get attitude or don't pay attention to your truck.

    Gee Tex? I was gonna sign with this company. I am so thankful that you are honest about your feelings. I would have enjoyed you training me and showing me the ropes. I have a buddy who retired from a truck maintenance shop in Fontana and he was pretty clear that no truck should ever go out as "bad equipment" or that there should never be anyone screaming at the shop guy for any reason. Since I am very mechanical myself and think I could spot a major problem I would be very skeptical of a company that might even think about puting something bad on the road because a driver had an attitude. That would mean that on any given day ten percent of the drivers are gonna get a less than good truck. Since I don't know squat about driving but I do know people and that the company would consider keeping people that think like this sounds scary. If the shop foreman is using his position to put drivers at risk of violations or safety problems then shouting isn't the answer but there are several CHP and DOT inspectors I would be happy to introduce him to on a regular basis until his boss got the right idea.

    All the complaints I have seen on here about the company have pretty much scared me off.
  6. starstress

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    Dec 7, 2006
    A-T-L Baby
    just finished my traing phase and am looking for a new company, Im not a big fan of the split mileage pay when I know its companies that pay total miles, also I dont like being forced to team with somebody. I talked to a co-driver and he said he and his partner wud get a load, deliver it and then sit for 2 days, I outta here
  7. skullitor

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    Aug 5, 2005
    New England
    BigTex; I'm glad I'm wearing Boots!!! WOW.7,000+ miles a week? I think hip waders are in order!!! :)
  8. westwind82

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    Jan 3, 2007
    i have had only one prb with crst and that is they wont let me solo! but,i just haven't found a good co-driver yet,to run as hard as i do but safely get the lds there!! i have had one co-driver who didn't like to go 65 he would go 60 or slower no matter if it was 100degrees or -20 !he was making us late for our lds i would have to drive extended hours to make up the time cause his slow butt! so i just dropped him off at his house and went home and told my dispatcher that i would relay the ld in estl ,il and go home untill they found me a driver that could drive , and well the next one lasted 6 days to afraid to drive in cold weather ! stupid ! but i currently am waiting in cr to find yet again another co-driver !! if there is anyone that lives around the st louis missouri area that is looking for a co-driver that wants to run and make the big bucks im your driver! when i was with my trainer we always ran about 7500-8400miles a week 1400 miles in a 24hour period !so i like to run hard to make money , cause i have lil ones at home to take care of ! my id number is g344 trk# 5578 i have an 06 freight shaker columbia it has about 296000 miles on it it has been a good truck !!one break down in past 5 months !been driving since aug/06 paid for my own training ! NO CONTRACT!!!! well hit me up !!
  9. you know i would not work for crst they try to hide the fact that thier screwing you over at least swift and schneider are up front with it so i guss it would be a question of whether or not you like to lied to your face or stabbed in the back

    DIESEL DAN Bobtail Member

    Jan 20, 2007
    co-driver iam going with crst sounds like we run the same would like to talk with you 17+ years intrucking
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