Dartco formally Solo cup Social Circle Ga

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  1. out here in the Georgia sticks outside of Atlanta by about an hour on the other side of Covington sits social Circle Georgia..
    originally a Solo cup distribution facility when it opened up cholo of course bought out by dart container is a tired to find but once you get there slow to unload slow to reload but allowing you to if you want need a break or come back before they close at night the spotter will move your trailer out of a dock if they need it.
    but the nice thing once you go back to Interstate 20 Madison Georgia was only about 20 minutes away most companies you have enough personal conveyance time you can go up there and the TA in the pilot is there and a whole lot of other things such as Walmart and restaurants and is you're bobtailing you don't have to worry about dragging the trailer..
    they have vending machines but they'll also call you let you know when your load is either ready or your unloaded if they say we're running behind and it could be quite a few hours at least a nice thing is you can leave your not a prisoner like at Walmart where you can't leave if it's going to be 8 hours or just going to sit there for 8 hours at Walmart what is what is a joke...
    but if you ever have to go into the old social Circle Georgia and you can find the dart container formerly Solo cup it's also a terminal for the dedicated people of calling they have a terminal on one side of the building but it's a good place as far as being driver friendly with facilities and the freedom to come and go
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