Deb el Foods/Kosher (Stay away)

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    Sep 26, 2014
    I once recommended this place, I’m going to take that back.

    Loads coming out are always overweight! Like 83-85, my god!

    Their logistics team is in Newark, ran by 4 guys. Head con is Luis Dinis. Likes to threaten everybody over the phone.

    The last truck that I sent there went around in circles like a circus show. First, the load came around 82k. So the driver went back, they took 2 pallets out and the load was now around 78-79. The second problem, was that the drives were overweight, 34,800.

    They didn’t want to reload the pallets because the load is “not overweight, 78-79”. LOL. The driver couldn’t slide anymore, and the scale is showing 34,200 on the drives.

    It was then the next day they decided to reload it and make it legal. By this time, the driver is behind 1 day for appointments.

    Fast forward in time. Their logistics team decided to slap me with late appointment fees and some other bs reason stating the product prices dropped because it was not delivered in time due to “expiration dates”. Ok wtf? I didn’t know there was a 2 day safety net from the day of production that the prices won’t drop.

    The cherry on top is that the first receiver filed a claim on “missing pallets” and the carrier, me, was going to get charged for it. Bwuahahahaha. The shippers logistics team did not send the first customer an email that they took 2 pallets out. Thieves, I tell you.

    I’ve got nothing else to say. Everyone get your black books out.
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