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Discussion in 'Ask An Owner Operator' started by Phoenix Heavy Haul, Oct 4, 2022.

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    Feb 8, 2022
    So I bought my truck in April with 440k on it from Freightliner, (it’s a 122SD tri axle heavy haul with DD16, not a worn out Cascadia) reviewed all the service records, ecm dump etc. everything looked great. Had it reviewed and accepted for the Detroit/Freightliner extended warranty.

    Put the truck to work in June, had few minor problems: clutch fan, PNDB, new batteries due to a loose connection which fried one. Well end of July at 454 miles took it to Detroit where warranty only covered 1 cracked liner which I wasn’t happy about but said they couldn’t find any additional damage.

    Picked it up 3rd week in August and started back. It made it to the 2nd week of September and died in Texas at 460k only 6k miles since new mains and rod bearings, #5 sleeve kit, injector and a few other things. This time I sent her to the moon!! Spun every rod bearing in it and completely seized it.

    Had tow company deliver my load and drop trailer and tow my tractor to a dealer in Tyler TX which had great reviews vs where i was in Dallas. Dealer determined #2 & #3 had cracked liners due to excessive cylinder heat (over fueling) which in turn contaminated the oil with coolant and fried the engine. It took 3 weeks before Detroit warranty officially approved the $42k for the dealer to install a brand new long block!! Engine is expected to arrive by the 21st for install.

    And this is my first and only truck…the hell with the rates, the breakdowns and downtime have almost sunk me!! But if I can hang on ima be back trailer trucking first of November!
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