Do I need manual endorsement on my cdl A?

Discussion in 'Trucking Schools and CDL Training Forum' started by Allilang, Aug 28, 2022.

  1. HogazWild

    HogazWild Light Load Member

    May 18, 2022
    My school used 4 different types of manual(8,9,10,13). Just my 0.02: It's going to be useless till you get at least a year, and even then you're going to have to talk your way in to a company running manuals; even LTLs seem to only give them to people with years at the company, and all the newer drivers get automatics...

    You may get one early in to your career if you want to gamble with a 'lawn fleet' that hauls Prime or intermodal...
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  3. Big Road Skateboard

    Big Road Skateboard Road Train Member

    May 2, 2021
    It's not SOP for forum members to admit being wrong.
    While Allison took a piece of the market way back in medium duty, military, and oilfield stuff, they never had much luck in everyday trucking.

    They probably should have had the best opportunity to take the majority of the market in the early 00's, but somehow couldn't.
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  4. Six9GS

    Six9GS Road Train Member

    Dec 3, 2012
    Yuma, AZ
    I've been called alot of things, normal has never been one of them!

    DRTDEVL Road Train Member

    Jan 27, 2013
    Austin, MN
    No, they just explode without warning.
  6. Todd727

    Todd727 Light Load Member

    Jun 7, 2021
    One other thing, with the O (no fifth wheel) restriction, it actually is kind of a big deal to get that removed. You have to take the entire series of writtens again and get another permit to drive a tractor-trailer and then take the entire practical exam.
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  7. Geekonthestreet

    Geekonthestreet Medium Load Member

    Jun 27, 2021
    And here i thought it was an anti theft device.
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  8. 2Tap

    2Tap Light Load Member

    Jul 19, 2022
    Southern Wisconsin
    Pretty much figured that. Takes real skill to get good mileage. Had one of these nasty little buggers for a while and dared not to drive with the radio on let alone eat a burrito while driving: upload_2022-10-9_0-53-8.png

    Thanks for the information, i was also fretting not having the manual transmission training that only seemed obtainable going through a Tech College costing 7k over a semester with a year waiting list or other school costing 5k (360driving academy) and not providing nearly as much driving time and experience behind the wheel as a company sponsored program.

    And honestly, my driving record and butt/back don't miss that car even if it was a hoot on roundabouts and in making Mustang, Camaro, Hellcats and Corvettes sad in the city.
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  9. Knightcrawler

    Knightcrawler Light Load Member

    Apr 10, 2017
    Mpls, Mn
    3 big reasons I will NEVER go with an automatic, and frankly none of these reasons is ever to likely change:
    1) Manuals are lighter.
    2) Manuals are more reliable.
    3) Manuals are better on ice.

    And all data I have read says that an experienced driver will get better fuel mileage in a manual. Rookies are likely a different story. Consumer reports states that a manual will get 2 to 5 mpg (in a car) better than an auto (I can send you the link if you want). But I have read a few articles in trucking mags that say the same, I just cant find them right now.
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  10. Todd727

    Todd727 Light Load Member

    Jun 7, 2021
    I'll agree with 1, disagree with 2 and finally, 3 is a push that is driver dependent. Someone that doesn't know how to drive on ice is probably going to get in a lot of trouble with a manual. Torque converter helps to moderate acceleration and deceleration.

    Agree that you should be able to get better mileage if you are trying in a manual.
  11. Jamie01

    Jamie01 Bobtail Member

    Dec 13, 2020
    I'd be interested in this. I tend to short-shift in a car, and generally have a light foot so if there are cases where a manual gets better fuel efficiency than an automatic, I might be one. I also read the reason so many passenger cars aren't available with a manual in North America while they sell them overseas isn't because they get worse fuel efficiency, it's that the cost of getting the emissions testing at EPA is very very high, and they sell too few units with the manual transmission to make it worth the cost.
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