does covenant hair test

Discussion in 'Covenant' started by hahaha69, Aug 31, 2011.

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    Jan 2, 2012
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    While that made me laugh & scare my dog sleeping at my feet :yes2557: i am about 98% sure that is false & would be illegal , but its funny as Hades

    And if some reason it was legal i would have a ball defending myself in the lawsuit, in a case in a untied states FEDERAL SUPREME court house---- I mean now come on now a ambulance chaser or even a prison lawyer could win that type case :biggrin_25511: but i digress......

    I have often wondered how many times on this forum & others win this question is asked....HOW MANY CURRENT DRIVERS ACTUALY POST "UA ONLY" WHILE KNOWING THE COMPANY DOSE HAIR TEST? thats a way to try to keep newbies straight, ease there fears then have em fail :biggrin_25512: But then my mind is always saying "what if" :p glad i have no worries in that area.

    the below is not directed solely to the o/p but more so to the wanabes that will seek & ask the same question only to get discourgaed or pissed)

    WHAT IF YOU WERE AN AVID SIMMER & SHAVED ALL YER HAIR TO SWIM FASTER? WHAT IF YOU R ONE THOSE CRAZY SOBS THAT JUST SHAVES/WAXES EVERY HAIR ON YER BODY (have u seen these guys they are out there)? WHAT IF a wannabe actually thought about what answer they wanted to get & then worked backwards to find a creative way to ask A question to be able to achive the sought after answer without alienating them self's not just on the internet wooo, guys this is a popular forum and you are asking questions of drivers you would be working with & a lot that you would meet up with in the future at some point & not only that A LOT OF THE BIGGER COMPANIES BROWSE ROUND HERE, UH THE MANAGEMENT TYPES.

    While i can sympathies wit wannabes who have made mistakes, if they are correcting those mistakes, i can not sympathize with not using ones head a lil better in places such as this. USE THE SEARCH (most questions have been answered to a degree if you go on the hunt) FEATURE TO START WITH & IF YOU DID THEN YOU SHOULD HAVE KNOWN WHAT TO EXPECT BY STARTING A THREAD THAT HAS BEEN REHASHED AGAIN & AGAIN............................... to me the part of not using your head in such a case worries me more about ones abilities to be a safe driver more so than you smoking a few joints in the past.
    A professional driver is constantly making split second decisions even in the most perfect road/traffic conditions; often those decisions can have life threatening repercussions if made or executed wrong. THAT IS THE PROFESSION YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT ENTERING ONE WHICH YOU ARE TAKING OTHER PEOPLES LIVES IN YOUR HANDs not just your own!!!!!!!!!

    Please remember some drivers here are truthfully harsh because of what they have seen. It only takes slowly crawling by a few fatal big truck wrecks involving four wheelers & those FAMILY'S trapped by a crushed vehicle, clinging to life (or lifeless) while rescues cut the car away.
    It only takes a split second for something to go wrong NO FAULT OF YOUR OWN & have devastating effects. AND GUESS WHAT HAPPENS TO SAID DRIVER & THEY TEST POSITIVE RIGHT THEN WHEN PD ESCORTS DRIVER TO BE TESTED UNDER SUPERVISION & THE DRIVER COMES OUT DIRTY? DRIVER GETS CHARGED WITH THE DEATHS that were truly not your fault. At the point that you test postive it is your fault even if it wasn't.

    i said all that not to be a ##### but to try to explain to you wanabe/soon to be drivers both the seriousness of this job & why you often get these "you don't belong in a truck" responses from drug test questions.

    hope it makes sense i got on a soap box & am tired......actually thought about making this post a thread for the newbies section here what you think? lol prob not :p

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    I think they take all the hair and make hair pieces. Then sell 'em to dispatchers.
  3. w0lfy

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    Jan 2, 2012
    monroe, ga
    no man the hair test is a cover to gain your dna haven't you heard the goverment wants to clone drivers in the future :D
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    Aug 23, 2016
    Maybe they made a decision to change there life style and they don't think they should have there entire career ruined over a bad decision they made 3 or 4 months ago people can change and Marijuana is not addictive.
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    Nov 23, 2015
    The best people on earth smoke weed and enjoy nose candy.
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    Feb 19, 2018
    I'm balding and don't have enough hair on my head for them to to the stupid test.. They'd have to shave my armpits or grab hair off of other areas.. Very invasive and not necessary. Needless to say I've never done any drugs... Just don't like my privacy being invaded.
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