Does LTL count as OTR experience?

Discussion in 'LTL and Local Delivery Trucking Forum' started by Prstone50, Mar 5, 2023.

  1. Prstone50

    Prstone50 Bobtail Member

    Jan 14, 2021
    Laramie, WY
    Hello everyone,
    I am upgrading my Class B to Class A in May. I noticed several LTL companies hire out of the school I am going to. If I were to give LTL a shot for my first year or so driving, would other carriers like refer or dry van consider that experience to be hired? For instance if I did a year at XPO or Old Dominion would I be able to get hired on at the companies that require a year driving/OTR?
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  3. Hawkeye72

    Hawkeye72 Light Load Member

    Feb 20, 2015
    I've been told linehaul counts as experience for regional and otr. But i think it depends on the company you would be applying to.
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  4. motocross25

    motocross25 Road Train Member

    Sep 23, 2010
    Overland Park, KS
    If you get hired on at OD and survive this latest economic down turn, I sure as #### wouldn’t jump ship from them to OTR reefer. But that’s just me.
  5. Gearjammin' Penguin

    Gearjammin' Penguin "Ride Fast-Truck Safe"

    Feb 18, 2007
    Central AZ
    A lot of OTR companies don't want LTL drivers. We're used to being home every day and making real money, so they figure we'll quit pretty quick.
  6. kidz bop

    kidz bop Medium Load Member

    Oct 5, 2017
    I think the most deserving title of otr is like teaming, and companies like werner, or crst, maybe owner ops who go everywhere.

    ltl has teaming also, i guess that's the line where i would consider it otr is if it is teaming or sleeping in the truck. i wouldn't consider going away from home sleep in hotel then come home the next day same easy terminal to terminals, i wouldn't give that the title of otr as much, it's kind of like trying get credit of the otr title without experiencing really otr has to offer. alot of the ltl linehaul jobs is like local but you may be in a hotel for a night, so i don't really consider it otr.

    xpo misrepresents job titles you may spend your whole first year on a forklift but be called a truck driver, it's a misrepresentation. people really familiar with trucking will understand someone 1 year at xpo didn't get the kind of experience as someone when spent 1 year at werner. xpo is only a few easy terminals you may go to and spend all your time on afork lift. someone who survived companies like werner is just actually gonna have the real otr experience unlike an xpo driver.
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  7. mud23609

    mud23609 Medium Load Member

    Mar 9, 2015
    You will make the same or better money at a good LTL carrier as you would driving OTR.

    That being said. If you have a year or more of LTL experience and do decide to go OTR, you will have no problem finding a job that will treat you like an experienced driver because you will be. Sure, there will be exceptions, but those companies probably won't be worth working for anyway.
  8. buckmanmike

    buckmanmike Light Load Member

    Jan 20, 2010
    in the country, georgia
    I think your problem would be just opposite of your question. Most reputable LTL's wont hire you without 1 years class A experience, or through thier training program.
  9. buckmanmike

    buckmanmike Light Load Member

    Jan 20, 2010
    in the country, georgia
    Opps, noticed your post stated your going to LTL approved schooling. Good luck. I did OTR and linehaul. More $'s in linehaul and regular schedule.
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  10. Dave_in_AZ

    Dave_in_AZ Road Train Member

    May 4, 2015
    They want OTR experience, or regional, cause you're not used to crawling in bed every night.

    Local is a different game.

    OTR you need to know how to manage yourself. Get off the road, park, take care of yourself.
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  11. 201

    201 Road Train Member

    Apr 16, 2014
    high plains colorado
    LTL outfits, ones that deal in "Less than a load", usually won't hire a new person to that field. LTL takes a lot of experience, what to load, and where, and how, and most new hires are relegated to the van trailer, multi stop Dollar General accounts, simply because, and I mean no disrespect, is the least likely for a screwup. LTL has long been the moneymaker in trucking, because it is specialized. Sometimes that 1 piece of freight may have cost that company millions to make, so it has to be respected. A load of diapers, not so much. Patience is the key. Dollar General accounts aren't so bad, heck, you might meet a cute cashier, but LTL is usually for a more seasoned driver. Most drivers coming off years on the road, go for LTL. Tough for a newbie to compete with that. Best of luck, let us know how you do.
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