Does owning a "tricked out truck" land you better gigs?

Discussion in 'Ask An Owner Operator' started by iowabmw, Jul 24, 2007.

Does having a "tricked out truck" land you better contracts?

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  1. rosalina

    rosalina Light Load Member

    Mar 28, 2007
    if getting the truck washed every week is mandatory by you company, well that is part of your job description, great go do it. And i am sure that if it was my job description I would go do it, but its not. my company pay for a washing once every two months.

    if youa re an o/o or wanna show off or it is in ur job description then have at it, but it really does not matter. ans why wast money and water on a weekly washing?

    one guy may amke more because he does not go to the truck wash the other guy will make more becasue he gets better laods,

    how much does he lose cpm on the truck wash, to me spending one hour to wash is around 63 miles i could have been down the road.

    my truck only goes 65 mph, and to go down the road and average 600 miles a day means no stopping, get your fuel and get outta there, no wasting time. no stopping the truck. move the truck 300 miles before i even stop to pee. but at the end of my shift i have moved 600 miles and thats with out cheating my book, if i get creative i can go 800+ and that just means more money,

    also, all of you out there that are gonna brow beat more for cheating my book, you all have done it, everyone does. usually the only time i cheat my book is on the load home. and i am gonna wash the truck when the two months is up. probably on a sunday while waiting to deliver if i can find an iowa 80.

    how much of your bottom line do you lose by washing, time spent? supplies and tricked out crap light chicken lights, chrome and cool decals???

    and its ok that YOU BELIEVE the customer likes the tricked out ruck.

    what is reality and what you believe may be separate. but that is ok, it makes you happy.

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  3. im6under

    im6under Heavy Load Member

    Feb 13, 2007
    I think everyone, driver, shipper, and receiver would prefer pretty and clean trucks. If they all got to walk out in the lot and pick and choose who delivered the loads it could very well turn into a beauty contest.

    Isn't it a general fact that this doesn't happen? I haven't driven that long but most places I pull into have never seen me or the truck before ever and generally act like they are being paid by the hour and could care less.

    I do however wear a uniform; pressed, white, buttoned, and collared, shirt with my name on it and spiffy dark blue levi's. I smile and shake hands, show them the papers, and ask where to load/unload.

    When I get back by the same place they generally remember me, though they still have to ask what color truck is mine, so they can find it.:biggrin_25517:
  4. Carolina_Beaver_Teaser

    Carolina_Beaver_Teaser Light Load Member

    Apr 8, 2007
    Mooresville , NC
    If a tricked out and super clean truck matters to a shipper or reciever.....Why then do they tolerate some of you wannabes who show up looking like your hair is due an oil change, clothes looking like your idea permanent press is in your ### crack, and smelling as if truckload of ### has hit you dead on the forehead?????
    The bottom line to most , if not all shippers, is is it on time? Is it in the same condition as shipped? Did I receive the value added service that the salesman promised?.......... Points to ponder. Facts to realize. What most "drivers" think is important to a "customer" never really crosses their minds. Most "DRIVERS" really have no idea themselves what trucking really consists of besides the point of being a seat weight!
    Basically what I'm getting at is, that all this thread is wasted energy! Energy you could have been spending learning more of industry you work in, not some idol delusions of the know it alls.
    Why not not put this energy in helping other O/O (after all this is supposed to be O/O's) better figure rates for themselves ,instead of believing the ######## some brokers wanna dish out? Or How about the UCR? or maybe even a good CPA that can help you with financials both monthly and yearly so you, the O/O can realize what rate you should be asking for? But, I guess, I've been doing it wrong all these years. I should have been focusing more on TRUCK WASHES & Chrome than qaulity, timely service.........:biggrin_255:
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