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  1. twopugsforme

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    Sep 20, 2019
    I have held my class A cdl/ haz-mat for over 20 years but currently have a 10 year lapse in drive time. I looking to get back into driving locally but I am not sure how to cover that gap other than going to a driving school. Has anyone confronted this situation? if so are there any other solutions? thanks
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    Jan 30, 2012
    Charlotte, N.Carolina
    go talk to some small companies and see what they say. larger and mega's will want at least a refresher course.

    do you feel confident about jumping in a truck with elogs and such after 10 yrs, with no training?
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  4. FlaSwampRat

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    Jun 1, 2019
    Valrico FL
    We hire guys like that. You will ride for a few days and learn the job with someone. Look at beer/soda and food service.
  5. x1Heavy

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    Mar 5, 2016
    White County, Arkansas
    I am working on a similar situation.

    When I go back in I account for the last ten years with one simple sentence.

    Medical and Surgical Patient since 2005.

    And that's all there is to it. I visited the audiologist today (My current three, one on east coast and two in Arkansas has finally retired last year) so I will be given a sound proof room and a set of hearing aids that will match the chart and provide a DOT solution to 500 hertz, 1000 and 2000 hertz at 40 db or better. That for me is not a problem I can almost meet that without the hearing aids. Technology has evolved as well. My previous two will be sent in to be rebuilt.

    As far as the records, the Law requires 10 years going back to account for time whatever it is you do in life. Indirectly this is Homeland security talking since 9-11 for both work and off work time. As long were not flying to join ISIS in Western Iraq etc. (Sarcasm...)

    As far as experience, Im not concerned with that. If a trucking company wants to stick me in a big truck and put the trailer here there or wherever or drive here there or whatever in any weather day or night, it will be immediately obvious that I have not forgotten the driving.

    The training will be needed to spin up to speed on technology however I push back and require a older truck with less technology. Not too many recruits will want a older rig. I would be one of those. (Shop time will accure until truck is 100% without defects.)

    The big barrier will be payroll. I consider myself a top hand. And so... minimum of .50 per mile or 2000 week salary without any gotchas or secret words like gauranteed or any of that non salary loophole BS. Or 20.00 a hour when yard jockeying etc. That was what I got paid last time I did that in 2006 part time. It was a literal one time filling when the previous jockey fell out of the truck and busted his arm. They sent him to trauma for that. I assume hes doing well working for someone else entirely. That company closed up some years ago enough to cover the entire installation in rust behind three rows of fencing protected by rolls of razor wire. One tree growing in dock number two would be about 8 years old now so... that fits. (Never imagine a tree growing in pavement like that but it is what it is. Nature has invaded the factory and is converting it into forestland.

    I pretty much think that is all there is to it. I learn and keep up with the industry here and on two other sites online that posts news or updates almost daily. So I am aware of certain unnecessarily invasive tech like radar that applies brakes. Winter is coming and its not acceptable to me to have that. If anyone around here is going to touchathembrakes, its me. Or go buy a robot truck, since they are half way there already.

    I also interviewed for Dispatcher 12 years ago. That company went out of business in Arkansas and is migrated to MN. Who knows Im staying right here in Arkansas. MN will just have to take care of themselves. The interview was ok, but the office is 20 to early 30's and here I am a profane late 40's scaring them wee ones. So one can argue that I am too old as to not know my country anymore. And there is that.

    Don't worry. Getting back in is more common than you think. This economy in the USA leaves trucking as one of the very last economic potential for say 100K annually for solo or twice that for husband wife team without all the BS of a 4 year college degree which itself is worthless to us. Wife has one and I have part of a two year. Total write off 46000 paid to Uncle Sam to retire that student loan to both of us. Poof. 46000 dollars. worthless. We would do better to stick that money in our checking account and keep going in life without any of that college BS. Not to mention sitting in a desk next to a 18 year old filly over here and a 19 year old colt over there and Im just over twice their age.

    They were good to me and I tried to be good to them with subject related work. But some were called out to Iraq Invasion and again in Afghanistan. So empty chairs in the class room in their memory.

    Youth has advantages in battle But old age uses treachery. And how I managed to not only defend computer systems against hacking classmates but counter attack and essentially destroy their system to the point that the professor recognized what I did and reimage the computer so that it will be ready for the afternoon classes. So a hour of waiting and it's back up and running well for the poor student. However they are quite devious and clever.

    Which is a good thing for wearing of white hats in the internet security field if that is where they are going. I was leaning towards forensics myself. College was fun. But totally not worth it.

    Ive typed enough. There is alot going on this month and I have to take a little time to decompress a little bit

    Good luck to you.
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