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  1. aki and pawpaw

    aki and pawpaw Bobtail Member

    Oct 1, 2021
    Transam, worst company to drive for. they screwed me because i was always asking for my money when they short pay me. This continues until i stop running load insisting until they pay me my money. then they bridge my contract of drop and hook and when I complained, they got really pist. They tell you what your miles are for the week and pay you less than what you make that week. when i tried to talk this over with them, they retaliate by lying accident that i was not responsible for and fired me then send bad reference to companies. This company is evil as hell.
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  3. Lonesome

    Lonesome Mr. Sarcasm

    Dec 15, 2007
    Northern Indiana
    There's a story in there somewhere.....
  4. bryan21384

    bryan21384 Road Train Member

    Sep 18, 2009
    1918 Anywhere, USA 90210
    TransAm is bad news man. I knew someone that tried to go there in his first year, and I went so far as to call them myself. They say they hire for company online, but get you out to Kansas City and tell you they don't have company trucks, forcing you to lease. Then the recruiter quoted me $1.04 per mile all miles. With a $700 truck payment and all other expenses, its impossible to make money. My friends ole lady called me up and I told her to get him to look at other companies. He signed the lease without telling her. Man.........TransAm nearly caused a divorce there. He ain't working there anymore after he had an incident.
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  5. mjd4277

    mjd4277 Road Train Member

    Oct 4, 2015
    Supposedly that company has “plants” that pretend they’re students to see if they can get candidates (a.k.a. “suckers”) to get into the fleece purchase during orientation.
    I’m not the smartest person in the world but even I wouldn’t do that deal if it was the last trucking company on Earth!!
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  6. bryan21384

    bryan21384 Road Train Member

    Sep 18, 2009
    1918 Anywhere, USA 90210
    0 that you mention it, i do remember hearing that! The dude i was talking about went to orientation but they put experienced drivers in one motel and the rookies in the other, with one guy claiming to have 20 years in, and I was wondering why someone that experienced would go to TransAm. He was supposedly talking up how much money he made over the years....then the new hires get informed they have no company trucks, and they'd have to wait. Dude waited in the hotel, until he watched his entire orientation class go ahead and sign a lease. After several days, they push the lease on him and he maybe tried it 2 months and lost his ###.
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  7. Frank Speak

    Frank Speak Road Train Member

    May 3, 2016
    Hot Springs, AR
    I wish I could be a “plant”... in Kentucky! My unlife would be complete!
  8. snowlauncher

    snowlauncher Road Train Member

    Mar 28, 2014
    Southeastern ID
    Obviously this type of sham operation has been going on with this company for quite a few years. You would think that with all of the bad reviews and information that's available online, that eventually people would smarten up and Trans Am would not be able to snow these people anymore. Maybe even ruin their own business and be forced into bankruptcy....
    But, nope they just keep up with the scam as long as they can, and drivers are lined up to be fleeced every day.
  9. Veteran driver

    Veteran driver Medium Load Member

    Aug 24, 2010
    Jacksonville, Fl
    “There’s a sucker born every minute” ~ P.T. Barnum
  10. motocross25

    motocross25 Road Train Member

    Sep 23, 2010
    Overland Park, KS
    Man if you can find it you can add Private Investigator to your company title. BYOB & CBD & PI. It might be a business card the size of a poster board, but that’s how you stay remembered. If you or @TB John need anymore marketing help lemme know! That first ones free. :D
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  11. CowboyTim

    CowboyTim Medium Load Member

    Nov 2, 2018
    Oh, the plasma! The possibilities!
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