Drivers arrested in drug bust near Washington, DC ...

Discussion in 'Truckers News' started by HFC, Jul 28, 2010.

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    gee what a surprise.......:biggrin_25526:

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    Feb 25, 2010
    When I was working at TFY we had a trailer that someone loaded 2500 lbs.of pot on it in the nose then put a wall behind it.We hauled loads all over the country with that trailer unaware of it.Many times the driver just don't know.Especially with drop n hook.
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    Yeah, there must be info they are not telling us. I'm sure I have hauled illegal stuff before. How are the drivers responsible? Are we to go through every piece of cargo? I once hauled one box about 1' x 2' out of Tracy. There were no docks just a little mobile office. We were told there were peppers in the box. We were to pick up no other cargo. This box we hauled by itself from Ca. to Ma. where we switched trailers with another driver and he delivered it. I thought about throwing the box in the cab or sending it fedex so we could grab another load! I was told by dispatch that we were being tracked by the shipper and it was hot! I know it was hot!!! I don't know that I should name who we were pulling for on here but the company is known for their cowboy drivers and bad logs. Just about all owner op! First letter starts with a J. They are also a popular thread under favorite companies. Sorry I got carried away! Anyway I have hauled some stuff previous to that and after the fact was told it was shady. All the boxes were the same, same content, labeled the same. Delivered to a farm in Montana 25 miles down a dirt road. We were unloading all the boxes by hand. They were wax coated so you could chuck them down the trailer and they would slide all the way to the end where my buddy put them on a dolly. Every few boxes I would pick one up and it was way to heavy to throw. I would have to walk it down the end of the trailer. This freight came directly off a plane in Miami onto my truck and to Montana. There was flowers mixed in. Boxes of concern were labeled Fern. Back to the point, how are we as drivers to be held responsible for what the cargo is when most of the time we aren't even on the dock when loading? Man, this should be a new thread! Anybody else?

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    Cops know all this it don't take long for them to figure if the driver is involved.
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