DVIR Pre/ Post Trip Inspection

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  1. Dino soar

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    Dec 8, 2017
    I was wondering what the current rule is for an owner-operator with one single truck and trailer. And if that rule changes if you pull another trailer.

    I will be on paper logs. So on my log do I note a pre-trip inspection and a post-trip inspection? How about a dvir?

    Also, if I run locally can I still use a log instead of a timesheet?
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  2. kemosabi49

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    Dvir only if a defect is found on your post trip.
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    Mar 5, 2016
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    And that defect needs to be repaired (Repair bill paid for and Mechanic counter signs the DVIR as repaired before you drive that vehicle again.)

    The first mistake many newbies in trucking makes is waving a DVIR at the dispatcher's desk and tell him or her that truck aint going anywhere today...

    You will be taking that load and truck out somewhere DVIR or not by the time Mr Dispatcher gets through yelling at you.

    I remember after surviving a complete and absolute collaspe of the floor of a intl Paystar when I called that one in, the bosses did not want to hear it. They said get moving anyway, I said not today. You drive it or tow it. I aint driving that death machine. They can fire me, Ive got the wife possibly coming down to get me one way or the other. They had to tow it.
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