Eating Healthy on the road

Discussion in 'Questions From New Drivers' started by CAJAMK51, Feb 5, 2007.

  1. CAJAMK51

    CAJAMK51 Bobtail Member

    Feb 3, 2007
    I am getting ready to go on the road as a student driver here and want to know about eating healthly..any suggestions?
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  3. Aligator

    Aligator Light Load Member

    Jun 21, 2005
    Eat lightly. Make good selections.
    According to the book "The Zone", perfect meals are found in unlikely places; and you'll be visiting those places, too. Examples:
    McDonalds Egg McMuffin is the perfect breakfast.
    Wendy's hamburger.
    Wendy's chili.
    French Fries will kill you or make you wish you were dead.

    Stay away from the buffet. Some of those Buffet Drivers look like they are ready to explode, and you may get hurt.

    And for me:
    I thrive on sardines and other canned fish meals. And I keep a stash of Balance Bars, too.
    Crackers will chase away the hongries.

    And whenever I do sit down in a restaurant I order breakfast....two eggs, hashbrowns, country ham, whole wheat toast.............but it is rare that I go to a restaurant, except for fast food. MY preference, I guess.
  4. p2eaches

    p2eaches Bobtail Member

    Jan 29, 2007
    Drink 32 oz. of water do not substitute water with tea, coffee or any other liquid. Just plain 32oz. water, if you can handle more liquid on top of your 32 oz. of water than have whatever else you want to drink then eat small portions of food, always eat more vegetables and fruit than your meat portion your meat portion should be the size of your palm, the size of a cassette tape. This guide is from weight watchers program. Stay away from all junk food, candy, cookies, chips if you must have junk eat only 2 cookies, 1 hand full of chips 2 small peices of chocolate. Fresh vegetables, and fruit make a better choice to maintain good health. Most restaurants have fresh fruit and salad bars. Never quit trying to focus on your goals to keeping yourself healthy We all give in to simple pleasure and indulge for the moment but the important thing is to get back on track, don't forget to take a daily vitamin. This method is good for those who don't have much time to exercise. You can eat 5 times a day but only have meat 2-3 times daily, walk 30 minutes a day be creative with your other 15 minutes of exercise and you will lose 2-5 lbs. a week. Before I discovered weight watchers I use to walk 5-13 miles every other day and exercise on top of that I lost the same amount of weight using the weight watchers method and not killing myself to achieving a healthy weight. Good Luck!
  5. Light Traveler

    Light Traveler Light Load Member

    Feb 5, 2007
    Somewhere out there...
    I concur with Aligator. Canned tuna is great also. Definately avoid the buffets and fast foods. Finally, get out a walk around your unit a couple of times. It's good exercise and low impact. Plus you get to inspect your rig. You can't go wrong!
  6. wallbanger

    wallbanger "Enemy of showers everywhere"

    Beef jerky and nuts are two of my faves, but you have to be careful, since they both tend to be very salty (which is no good for your blood pressure and will make u bloated). Buy a big (the jumbo) pop/coffee/water mug (the kind that are insulated and have a straw slot) and fill it with ice and water from a drink fountain every day (most t/s won't charge you at all, or at most will ask for $.25) and you will stay nice and hydrated.
    Dry fruits are also good as they are a healthy alternative to Junk food, but they can get expensive. Wally world can help, as they sell a lot of cheap supplies (and tend to be truck friendly).
  7. tdc

    tdc Bobtail Member

    Jan 22, 2007
    Trader Joe's is hands down the best, most original and healthiest small grocery stores chain in North America. They are TOTALLY different from anything else I've seen, and pretty much the antithesis of the junk food industry.

    Here is their web site:

    They don't franchise out and they have no intention of going public so they have been able to retain total control over their business. They treat their workers very well (I have a relative who's worked for them for many years) and their stores are quite beautiful for those who care. Each store actually has an in-house chalk artist in charge of making all the signs! Among many interesting things, they also have incredibly smart buyers who scour the whole planet to find that small olive oil coop in Spain or that chocolate factory in Belgium and make an exclusive distribution deal with them. It's great because it helps both the families in those countries that care about REAL food (a lot of it is organic too) and families here in the U.S. that care about being healthy ("we are what we eat.")

    They are in 20+ states as we speak but just about the only down side I can think of is parking for a big rig. One of the things they do to keep their low and steady prices (they never have anything "on sale") is always pick a location that's not IN say, a big mall, but just outside of it. Typically it's a strip mall or such with smaller parking lots but on the other hand those lots are rarely even half full so nobody will bother you if you stop there for 20 minutes.

    In a previous life where I travelled a lot I used to actually set my itineraries in a way that allowed me to "catch a TJ" anytime I could. I knew I'd always find anything from a healthy prepared dish for under 5 bucks to whatever I needed to replenish my cooler.

    TJ is still very much unknown by most people, but it's a real gem. I hope this helps, friends.
  8. Diesel

    Diesel Bobtail Member

    Dec 17, 2006
    I was walking through WallyWorld and thought about taking out a 2 burner stove with some pot and pans. The fun of camping without the wet sleeping bags (unless you have a hole in your roof)
    Also, I'll be able to make better and more healthy meals that will cost less then going to Wendys or McDs.
    What do you think, a tailgating party at the next truckstop near you?
  9. Globetrotter

    Globetrotter Light Load Member

    Nov 7, 2007
    Love Traders Joes!!! Just walking in there makes you want to eat healthy!:biggrin_2559:
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