Eaton 10 SP auto-shift problem.

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    Mar 27, 2020
    Hello, I have a '07 Volvo with Eaton 10 automatic (rto-16910b-dm3 10 s), when I start driving (starts from 2nd gear in D or in Manual Mode) it rolls for a few feet then goes out of gear, then tries to get back into 2nd gear and tries it 5-6 times before getting into the gear and once it does it shifts and downshifts perfectly fine from there on. Sometimes it does not get back into gear (2nd) at all and just rolls to a stop. It gives "Splitter Low actuator (VALS)" Mechanical fault code. I changed the actuator (part 5561805) but that did not fix the issue. One mechanic says needs new clutch but once it gets over that hurdle in the first few feet the transmission works perfectly fine until next full stop. Thank you for the help.
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