Elon Musk buys out the neighbors

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    Elon Musk buys out the neighbors - YouTube

    Dec 06, 2019 · Thursday, December 5, 2019 Elon Musk buys out the neighbors | Large Year The Tesla and SpaceX chief has spent around $100 million on homes, including a cluster of six in a leafy Los Angeles...
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    "I'll buy the neighbors house if they complain about the noise"

    must be nice.
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    I'll buy everyone until I dont see a #### thing on my ranch the size of Rhode Island.



    I heard a story one time in Vegas how Hudges (A billionaire which is almost a trillionare in today's money) was quietly drugging out on his own floor at a hotel for months. The staff and manager told him OUT. Scram.

    He said F off and bought the whole installation lock stock and barrel, fired everyone from Manager on down in a few minutes.

    Nice if you have money to burn.

    I remember Baltimore getting quite noisy back in the day with the crime etc. My father worked very hard to get out and buy a home in the country, western Maryland at this point where in those days no one went.

    Whats really crazy is inside of 30 years 40,000 people built a major city with the noise and crime around his house. he he. You cannot win.
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