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    Seriously ABF or Estes........Go with ABF in Parma and be done with it. You will work days and let me tell you working City P&D isn't even close to food service. Heres a hint its way better in City. Yes your going to finger print maybe a skid or two but thats it. No humping loads up stairs or any other bullcrap. Go and make your money. Now if your looking to be out for a couple of days ABF has a terminal in N. Lima, OH. I interviewed there by the manager who also manages the Dayton terminal. Good dude from what I could tell. My concerns with that job was daily turnpike tolls (5.00 each way) and just a long commute when it didn't make sense for me to do it (1.10 hrs each way). With ABF your going to have 100% paid into pension and health/welfare. Holland (A YRC company) is not going to follow suit on those benefits that ABF has. Many guys from YRC and Holland would give there shifting hand to get into ABF. With ABF doing city you will be home every night. If your doing line haul you might be out for two days then back to your domiciled terminal. Holland guys are out 5 days but they are the money maker for YRC. Either way go into this with an open mind and yes sometimes the grass isn't always greener its just fertilized with different ########.
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    actually it's not dumb at all and shows a wisdom and insight that many people just never get. Kinda like common sense lol get that and you're 2 steps ahead of the rest.

    Some of us are masters at having learned what we didn't want to do. The hard way. By doing it lol several times over. Oh wait......we're not talking about women and ex's are we? hehehe same rule applies I guess.

    but, when you DO find what you want to do, you know it immediately. Or have a pretty good idea when you get it or get close
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    Work today was okay I guess, you know it is true the grass isn't always greener on the other side usually it's brown all around ha-ha!
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