EUROPEAN truckers, becareful in Slovenia!

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    Jan 21, 2021
    I'm from slovenia and I have to warn you about one company who are "legal" to rob and act like a cops on the "autobahn". The company name is Žonta. When you see that car/van/truck just IGNORE them if will they trying to stop the truck (call the police telephone number is 113), or if they will want to tow or repair your truck! They are mechanics and tow truck for trucks. They are very connected with DARS - DARS is a leader and main manager of slovenian "autobahn". This company repair your truck with old stuffs they can find in car junkyard. Repair things that are not even destroyed or even not needed to be replaced or repaired. THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM! These are their vehicles - Vozni park ( They also stealing vehicles - owner of ŽONTA company had stolen vehicle in his property.

    In slovenia we still can't understand why they are not arrested even if there are a lot of prooves of scams by drivers of foregin countries. They are looking on drivers of foregin countries because only they don't know who this company is.

    If you think i lie, use google translate for this all - USE IT!
    Search -

    You must read those two news!:
    Zaposleni pri Žonti prežijo na tovornjakarje tudi na počivališčih -
    and video of how they stop truck middle of autobahn with high speed: Po sumu o ponarejanju dokumentov zdaj še nevarno početje na avtocesti - - i hope you could see the video.

    They also present themselves as employees at Dars which they are not!

    Be careful!
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    Isn't there a European trucking forum? The subforum on this site is pretty much inactive.
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