Falsifying logs

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  1. Moose1958

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    Dec 17, 2010
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    I would suggest you dig deeper into ALL the Driver Qualification files to make sure they are correct! Get at least the last two years' worth of inspection data and compile a list of drivers from that data. The FMCSA auditors will ask to see these files first. Then they are going to hit those HOS records. Personally, I would make sure the person running the company allows you to actually do your job. If they refuse to do so you have no option but to quit! You get a bad audit these things have a way to get really sticky later on.

    This subject goes back to something that has always bothered me somewhat! A carrier's head of safety is not there to be people's friends. They have ONE JOB ONLY! To protect that carrier's operating authority! I have seen safety critters walk out into operations areas and open up on dispatch and be yelling so loud you could hear them all over the building. @Littledreamer2224 I don't know you, but you have a choice to make! Either force the issue and get these HOS violations stopped! Or just be a compliant paper pusher and get a bad reputation! @brian991219 might also have some thoughts on this as well!
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  3. Ridgeline

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    Dec 18, 2011
    Whoa there Bucky, you can’t make it easy on the company, they are at fault for this and there isn’t much latitude about how they want it setup, they are either want to be compliant or they won’t be compliant.

    you do have the power to walk away.
  4. pete159

    pete159 Light Load Member

    Dec 6, 2008
    I have not read every reply but let me point out if one of these drivers that is doing this kills somebody and the police do a real audit there will be charges not just for the driver but for whoever knew about what was going on. You could personally go to jail if it shows that you knew this was happening and did not stop it immediately as is what you're supposed to do
  5. JR Mc

    JR Mc Bobtail Member

    Nov 23, 2021
    Well if you get audited the fine could be upwards of $5000.00 or more. DOT are good at that. I don’t believe in DOT, to me it’s a racket to make easy money and this came from a exDOT officer, who quit because he got tired of cheating drivers out of money.
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  6. Pamela1990

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    Nov 7, 2021
    B.C. Canada
    Great question.
    Also how does a compliance professional not know the penalties?
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  7. FearTheCorn

    FearTheCorn Light Load Member

    Jan 6, 2019
    This has got to be the only profession on Earth that overworked people sport boners over the chance to be even more overworked. If you cannot make money being legal, skip town, find a better job. If your job is to supervise and make sure your folks are staying legal, I don't know, maybe find a book to read that tells you the rules. If you are in an accident, and your logs are not legal, you will be #### every which way until Sunday, and then pissed on to boot.
  8. scottied67

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    Mar 14, 2010
    california norte
    Any violations over 6 months old don't count. Lay down the law and say a new 6 month period of 100% compliance is beginning yesterday. It's not just fines the drivers and the motor carrier have to worry about it is the chance of being completely shut down by the government. They will simply cancel the DOT numbers.
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  9. Deadwood

    Deadwood Medium Load Member

    Dec 24, 2016
    If I were her I’d start looking for a new job ASAP. The company seems to be planning to use her as the Fall Gal.
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  10. BennysPennys

    BennysPennys Heavy Load Member

    Sep 24, 2021
    Working as the compliance guy your not expected to be friends with anyone at the company even the CEO. Your a pain in the ### that points out when the company is messing things up SO THEY CAN FIX IT internally, before it cost them a bizillion dollars.
  11. Pamela1990

    Pamela1990 Road Train Member

    Nov 7, 2021
    B.C. Canada

    Absolutely fantastic reply.

    Sometimes since I was made manager, maintenance director, and book keeper many years ago, as well as my driving duties, I have to be a #####. Sadly its true, that when people don't want to follow the rules, I have to call them on it. It's especially hard when that person is my father, and he is the worst offender of all. His paperwork is a ####ing disaster.
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