Forgot what a cheesburger tastes like

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    Burgers being the subject and trucking aside, I've tried them all. In and Out, Red Robin, Backyard Burgers, Rallyes, White Castle, Krystal, Carls Jr, Whataburger, Cook Out, Fuddruckers, 5 Guys, etc etc.

    I can honestly say that bar none, the best burger I've ever devoured was at a McDonalds in Tokyo, Japan. Why? It was 100% Kobe beef. If you've never had one made from Kobe, you're missing out on a piece of heaven fellas. Problem was from 2009, up until 2014, it was banned from import here in the states. American Wagyu is a close second, but trying to find a genuine burger made from real 100% Japanese Kobe is next to impossible. Right now, the only place I know of that serves real Kobe burgers is The Old Homestead Restaurant, locations in NY, Atlantic City and Caesars, Las Vegas.

    Once you have one, you'll know the hype isn't just hype. For everyday, Smash Burger is now my new favorite.
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    I have to agree. I had no idea a piece of Kobe meat could taste sooooooooo good. We splurged once and all chipped in and mail ordered a bunch of Ribeye steaks. Overnight packed in dry ice. I never saw so much marble fat. You know you have a good steak when you go to take it off the grill and you need two tongs to keep it from folding over.
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    We had BBQ tonight the XL homemade the chili, Thanks for the reminder.
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    If anyone finds themselves visiting Akron or Cuyahoga Falls, OH in a car (not sure why unless you made a wrong turn leaving the R&R Hall of Fame or are visiting the PBA Hall of Fame)...there is a local place called Swenson's. It's an old fashioned car hop type place but they add something sweet to their wife swears it was brown sugar...I know, doesn't sound like it would taste right, but after it's's the next best thing to an orgasm...well, maybe not quite, but not far from it on the list.

    5 guys...good, but they need a financing department...for the money you spend there you could have a decent steak.

    Denny's...... :puke: ....I've had food poisoning twice from Denny's...I refuse to patronize any truck stop that has one simply because the smell turns my stomach.

    For a quick in and out, the Johnson's Corner deli counter did a decent "to go" burger, just don't order it as a double burger. Unlike a lot of "to go" places, a single size burger there was big enough. Not sure if it's the same now that Petro has taken over. The Petro was only suppose to handle the fuel/convince store side of things, but I heard they are requiring them to change their food prep in the restaurant as well. Forcing them to pre-cook a lot of stuff then microwaving it to speed up customer service.

    One of these days I'm going to make time to find a Heart Attack Grill.

    As for the reason fast food joints have problems getting things right, it's the same as why Swift and Werner get more than their share of seat warming, steering wheel holding crash test dummies...low pay... can't count the number of times I go in.."I'd like a number 1, large sized, no cheese, to go"..."the number 1, the combo or just the sandwich?"..."you can large size just the sandwich? I would like the combo"..."o.k. a number 1 w/cheese...small, medium, or large?"..." cheese, and I would like my large combo large please"..."and for here or to go"..." go" almost sounds to me like they force the employees to memorize the "who's on first" bit from Abbott and Costello...
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