Freeport Transport Industries

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    Nov 16, 2019
    This company is located in Freeport, PA about 20 miles north of Pittsburgh. I had no experience in truck driving, just the fact that my dad had drove for 40+ years, and they hired me when I got my CDL permit. I was very thankful for that as I did not want to go to a major carrier like Swift or CR England. The owner and his son met with me at my interview and I immediately felt welcomed. I was trained on liquid tank, bulk tank, flatbed and vac trailers and was trained very well. After I was comfortable on them they put me in my own truck. Their whole fleet consists of very well maintained Peterbilts, 379, 389, and some 386's as well, about 95% of them are pre-emission or glider kits. The pay is very fair ,and unloading time is hourly along with driving (under 250 miles) and when I write up an issue with a truck or trailer it's typically fixed the very next day. Very happy that I landed this job. Almost 5 months in now and I can't see myself working anywhere else for a long time.
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    your experience is rare congratulations
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