FTI-Frederick Thompson Company

Discussion in 'Ask An Owner Operator' started by TDriver4Life, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. TDriver4Life

    TDriver4Life Medium Load Member

    Anyone have experience with this carrier? I am thinking of leasing on with them if they are a decent company. Anyone know if they are an honest company or do they they bs you and hold out on you? I like the fact that they deal with machinery loads (nice, easy freight if you ask me) but does it pay well?
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    FLATBED Road Train Member

    Leasing on with your own tractor or their lease deal ?

    They were quite big in Ontario Canada at 1 time , but sort of died off a bit , lost a big steel contract , lots of LEASEES got hosed at the time.

    I know someone ( son ) who looked at going there few years ago. Heres the info he recieved.

    They wanted the truck generate $550.00 per day. At the time Machinery Div was paying $1.15 / mile loaded $1.00 / mile empty charged $2,100.00 for plates , $600.00 for HUT had a fuel cap on fuel , $1,500.00 holdback insurance was your own or through them at fleet rate , tolls , scales , permits paid..

    For machinery div he needed Headache rack , 2 yellow flashing lights , 12 chains , 10 coil bunks , 10 chain protectors , 12 chain binders , 10 nylon straps 3" wide , 6 red flags , (2) 16 X 28 Tarps , 2 over dimensial signs , clean tractor 47.5" fifth wheel height max.

    Direct deposit , paid twice a month. Free Qualacomm.
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  4. Dan 52

    Dan 52 Bobtail Member

    Jan 29, 2016
    Am with Fti....lease operator ..started off okay not getting rich but even after deductions making a paycheck. But do not do what I did and get a old truck .I have been having issues with the unit and after being in the shop a few times used up maint account and they put me in a motel and of course this comes out of your pay needless to say I am screwed now and will be turning truck in next week and all this for a truck I haven't even been in for about 6 months ....I haven't had a paycheck since 12/ 28 /15 and this week was 98 dollars live and learn...today is 1/29/16 if that tells you anything.
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  5. taxihacker66

    taxihacker66 Road Train Member

    Feb 26, 2012
    Concrete jungle.
    I was with FTI. The millage paid was always less then I ran. They told me I didn't know the shortest routes and if I remember right they said they use Rand McNally shortest for routing .

    I would tarp 10 loads but be paid for 2 . I would call and argue and eventually they would pay me for a couple more but never all of theme.

    Same for picks @ drops.

    They do move a lot of machinery especially out of their Laredo yard.

    Lots of miles with theme.
    But hated having to argue over what was rightfully mine.
    Good luck.
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  6. Mudrunner1

    Mudrunner1 Bobtail Member

    May 7, 2014
    Dallas, Texas
    i am there now. fleet managers do not care and nobody give a flip. My oppinion do not go there. they never took any truck payments now truck is in reposstion.
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  7. bulmack

    bulmack Bobtail Member

    Jun 15, 2016
    Will they hire you if you have a lane violation and a speeding ticket 8 miles over?
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  8. High Desert Dweller

    High Desert Dweller Medium Load Member

    Jan 29, 2009
  9. Judah1

    Judah1 Bobtail Member

    Nov 16, 2016
    Hey r u still their
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  10. MOGLAR

    MOGLAR Heavy Load Member

    Jun 19, 2013
    Kansas City , MO
    It's a rip off fleece purchase company that knows how to bleed drivers and make them quit. More jazzed up gulible drivers ready to play pretend owner operator......more meat for the grinder.
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  11. mjg4015

    mjg4015 Bobtail Member

    Jan 30, 2017
    Please find me the company that won't LIE to you and I'll be there for life....;o)...we can all only hope for just a bit of truth or maybe just getting paid..........I'm trying to find out about them myself....
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