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    Jul 23, 2007
    Due to the rapid growth and popularity of The Truckers Report, we're being inundated with people wanting to post requests for fundraising help. It has become overwhelming for the staff to try to verify the legitimacy of all of these requests.

    Because we're unable to verify them, the only way to be able to ensure that members are protected from all of the scams and fraud attempts that are so prevalent on the internet these days is to not allow any type of fundraising posts.

    This is across the board. We're sorry, we realize that this might allow a few members in need to go without the help that we would all like to be able to provide for them, but feel that this is the best thing to do to protect all of the members of the community.

    The staff feels that if we allow one legitimate post like that, it will invite 10 more that are not legitimate, and we feel very strong about protecting this community from any type of fraud situation.

    We thank you for understanding our position on this subject.
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