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    Jan 10, 2020
    (G M W) Rudy Gonzales and Michelle Rodriguez don't want to pay me. This company is run by father and daughter. There a small company operating in the Inland Empire area (Ontario, Fontana). I drove for them about 3months. They one night move there trucks and I didn't get paid. Rudy blames daughter. Both now refuse to pay me and blames each other. Any ideas of how I can report them to the companies how they operate. They are not honest people.
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    If you have documented every load you have hauled for this company A to B dates, times pickedup dates times delivered, what was in the loa and so on.

    What your truck number, your expenses when hauling these loads and so ofrrth.

    You will have absolutely plenty when you combine names and ranking of your supervisors. By the time both Unemploymet and Dept o woikt (Labor)
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    You won't get paid unless they decide to pay you. Your probably not the first driver they did this to.
    At a big corp it took me 5yrs to get paid but a small company? Well these boards are littered with stories of small outfits stiffing drivers & I haven't seen very many who came back saying they ever got paid.
    File a claim with L& I but be prepared to stand in line behind other creditors.
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    Contact the Attorney General for the state. Just make sure you can back up your claims.
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    Jan 15, 2020
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