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  1. Buddy Thunderstruck

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    Dec 29, 2019
    What are your thoughts good or bad?

    I know they are owned by CRST...... that might be a red flag.....?

    Here’s the deal the recruiter keeps hitting me up with a local gig at a decent hourly rate. After a year on the road I took a local gig with JB Hunt I do really like the type of work it is but the money just isn’t what I was told. Recruiters lied? Who knew? So far I would make more with what Gardner is offering with the hours I put in. Just a little concerned they will tell me to go home after 8 or 9 hours and I will actually make less.

    I already filled out the application there and moving forward but I need to hear from drivers before I make a decision I might regret. Thanks
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  3. Bean Jr.

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    Mar 30, 2014
    As of January 1st, all CRST companies except STI will be under the DOT number and name, CRST The Transportation Solution. No more Malone, no more Pegasus, No more Gardner and no more BESL. Flatbed, what used to be Malone and BESL will be run the same as it was, separate from the other divisions. We will still be all independent contractors, and our agents and in house will be the same. I'm assuming the other divisions will merge into one as far as operations.

    CRST is not a bad company if you don't have to go through their training. And that's not singling them our. Any company that trains you "owns" you. Low pay, indentured servitude are all hallmarks of a training company. If 6ou have experience, you will not suffer these major drawbacks of most training companies.
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  4. Bill51

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    Jul 27, 2015
    In western Washington, I seem to remember them doing waste paper/cardboard to one of the mills in Longview. 4 axle tractors and three or four axle trailers. Seems they had a fair amount of breakdowns on the side of the road. Not as many as a chip hauling company in that area, but still.
    Ask to do a ride-along with one of their drivers. Take a good look at their equipment.

    Yep, on google maps search 4 fibre way longview wa. Go to street view and at the staging lot you'll see their trailers in the middle of the line. 4 axle.
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