Glad I moved over to Poly Trucking

Discussion in 'Discuss Your Favorite Trucking Company Here' started by chemster, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. Mev

    Mev Road Train Member

    Jul 29, 2009
    I would try Walmart but id be at the bottom of the totem pole and get stuck driving nights or something.

    i can't turn off during the day unfortunatley.
    so trying to drive night shift would be certain death
    for somebody.

    i know they gave decent equipment and use Tri Pac APUs .
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  3. supersnackbar

    supersnackbar Road Train Member

    Aug 19, 2007
    Your Town, USA
    I thought you were with Heartland's alter ego company...what happened with them?
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  4. supersnackbar

    supersnackbar Road Train Member

    Aug 19, 2007
    Your Town, USA
    Most of my issues can't be attributed to load weight, at least the 1st truck. The old truck had a/c go out 3 times, turbo, electrical issues, body water leaks. This truck has had a few problems that could...maybe but most issues were on a recall list or a tech service EGR wiring, engine fan, etc. These random electrical gremlins are what drive me nuts. Cab blower working when it wants, windows and locks working when they want (both of which usually work when they're at the shop so they don't have to have the Keystone cops fiddling with it). Speaking of which, compliance called, said they got word that my wiring harness recall allows me use the no-idle bunk heater, just not the a/c, and they are beginning to replace the harnesses this weekend.
  5. Bumper

    Bumper Road Train Member

    Feb 8, 2008
    Kingsport, Tennessee
    The short version of the long story is that I was offered a more regional local job with better home time. They told me I was hired, I quit Gordon and took Christmas Week off. Called them back on Monday and the job had magically disappeared.

    So now I have a interview next wednesday with Night Train Trucking for a similar job. Taking product from the Mid West into Arizona, California and Nevada. Picking up Produce and bringing it back to Vegas. Take two days off and repeat.

    Much smaller company.
  6. supersnackbar

    supersnackbar Road Train Member

    Aug 19, 2007
    Your Town, USA
    Shipper alert-----shipper alert-----. If your broker is AFN, and your picking up at 1st Quality Tissue in Anderson, SC...catch the 24 hr flu for a few days, trip and sprain your ankle...anything but do business with these people. 4 pm appt, Sam's Club load...been at the door over 3 hours...3 trucks have came in on either side, gotten loaded and left since I got backed in and they haven't even opened my door. When I asked why they said that these were pre-loads and the drivers were hooking up and going...which I then called b.s. because they stayed in front of the same trailer they pulled out. Then she claimed they are Sam's and Walmart loads and they have priority, until I pointed out that my load was also a Sam's, and I had 1100 miles to drive by Sunday morning, she ran out of excuses and said it's going to be a couple more hours before they start my this place like the plague...she said I could leave and come back...I said, as serious as I could, if I leave, it's with my trailer and I will never come back. Maybe I am being over sensitive, but after losing most of yesterday to the 1st screwed up back haul, and the fact that I am set up on my next back haul out of Pol-Tex already...I want to get the flying #### out of this area.

    I think it might be time for a division change. Get the *bleep* out of box trailers and start pulling a bulk tanker or flatbed...I have 0 patience for incompetence as it is, but seems to be all they have running these warehouses any more.

    *update...6 hours after my appointment before they even opened my door...if I were 6 hours late for my appointment, they probably wouldn't speak to me...but they can screw off all they want and it's o.k. Next thing the fine folks in D.C. need to do is include a mandatory detention payment of $250/hr after the 1st 2 hours for these slacker companies...and the driver MUST be paid part of it.
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  7. againstthewind

    againstthewind Road Train Member

    Oct 26, 2012
    electrical issues are somthin that would drive me crazy
  8. LilRobWayne

    LilRobWayne Medium Load Member

    Oct 17, 2012
    Those three loads are the most common out of Poly West. However, there are some loads that go to some of the same places as CG and GP. Like you can go to Albany,OR(Lowe's) or many other mom and pop places. Sumner is the most popular this time of year. Especially, since Costco is wanting a lot of product right now. Also, there are other places to park not far from Sumner. Couple of Walmarts just south on I-5 and one huge complex with Walmart and Mall just north a couple of exits. Biggest issue this time of year is just watching the weather and sometimes taking the long way around a few mountains. Best to get your feet wet in the summer when doing the NW but everyone's got what they like and don't like and so on. Take care out there! :)
  9. FL-Trucker

    FL-Trucker Light Load Member

    Jan 28, 2014
    Shop's had my freight shaker for two weeks.... :(
  10. majestyk

    majestyk Road Train Member

    Jun 28, 2009
    las vegas, nv
    OB finally got around to me after the Saturday and Sunday drivers snagged some of the Monday loads but there was still a good variety left (about 11-12). Decided on a 5 stopper mom and pop special with 4 deliveries in NM and the final in Phoenix. Getting soft in my old age and trying to stay out of the cold:)
  11. tucker

    tucker Road Train Member

    Jun 13, 2008
    If any of you are ever stranded in Anderson SC, at exit 19 there is a movie theater you can bob tail to, and a Hooters next door, chock full of young Clemson girls.
    Years ago a DOT officer working as a security guard at another nightclub told me about it.
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