Glenn Hwy vs Richardson Hwy to Anchorage

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  1. usmctruckinman1997

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    Jul 3, 2021
    I'd like anyone's helpful advice on driving a conventional tractor w/sleeper pulling a 53' dry van to Anchorage, AK from Fargo, ND. It has been many years since I have been back to Anchorage. I was stationed there for 3 years, way back when. I've driven both the Glenn and Richardson, but, that was in cars, hummers and 5 tons. My buddy, whom I have not seen since I was stationed there said he wants to hang out and could just meet me at the border instead of me going out of route to Delta Junction...And again, it was a very long time ago. Any advice on which route to take?
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    Feb 13, 2010
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  4. handlebar

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    Tne new Ridhanrdson Hwy was totally rebuilt about 20 years ago, with guardrails, lots of turnouts, a few truck-sized turnouts along the way and lots of scenic turnouts, like McHugh Creek turnout partway down on the "uphill" side of the roadway. The railroad run over the will from the roadway, until it gets to the Portage turnout to take the roadway over to Whittier. Good news: if you're in a car and want to go to Whittier, you no longer have to take a train car through the mountains. Some years ago the ARR worked out a dear with the State to allow for trains to not run on the track all the time, and so there'e a for-real roadway to make the drive --- on a strict schedule, of course, cuz, well, the trains must go through.

    The Seward Hwy is in good shape, with lots of beautiful places to visit and stay -- Summit Lake Lodge, Devil's Canyon Park, lots of places towards Sewad, and Cooper Landing has a half-sozen restaurants and motels. Sadly, "Our Point Of View" Lodge burned to the ground 30 years ago, but except for the twistie-windie parts of the Sterling Hwy through Cooper Landing, it's mostly a 60-mph road.

    I lived in Soldotna 4o years. When we spoke of "going to town', it meant Anchorage. I drove a couple of times per week as a member of the Anchorage Symphony Orchestra. I've been gone 15 years now, and I miss it every day.

    Happy trip, and if you see a moose on the roadway, DO NOT HONK your hown; bulls will take it as a mating challenge ;-]
  5. Capacity

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    Jul 28, 2019
    Neenah Wi
    I've went across US 2 to Coutts Mt and went up North on the Alcan Hwy , awsome ride , Laird Hot Springs is a great stop after Muncho Lake roadhouse.
  6. mustang190

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    Jan 18, 2011
    Florida Panhandle
    I have only driven the AlCan in the winter. But I have been told that in the summer you need to carry a couple of extra head lights. The flying gravel will take a toll.
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