going otr again?

Discussion in 'Experienced Truckers' Advice' started by bang2112, Jul 5, 2018.

  1. bang2112

    bang2112 Bobtail Member

    Jul 13, 2011
    . Iam living in r.i. and run from jersey to boston every night and iam sick of this i have run otr and have 8 years driving with tanker and haz mat i have no home time limits would this place be a good fit for me? I want to be paid for my experience

    thank you tony
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  3. Paddlewagon

    Paddlewagon Light Load Member

    Sep 17, 2017
    Llano Estacado
    Only you can answer that question. If I had to run the eastern seaboard on a daily(nightly) basis,I would probably be in a strait-jacket. Piloting a rig among all those people/cars just makes my teeth itch.
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  4. Puppage

    Puppage Road Train Member

    Aug 2, 2012
    Best of luck to you.
  5. buddyd157

    buddyd157 Road Train Member

    May 25, 2017
    under a shade tree
    i ran MA to Richmond, VA , 3-4 times a week for several years. (same run)

    i ran MA to Elizabeth, NJ for several years..(same run)

    now i have a quieter ride each night going north from MA to ME. (same run)

    i wouldn't want to ever go OTR ever again. doing OTR was no time home for me.
    doing the east coastal routes, i am home daily.

    i wouldn't want it any other way, since i don't have to pack no more than a brown bag for my lunch, and snacks.

    no truck stops BS to put up with, no scales to put up with, easier and quicker road service, rather than out somewhere in "bum-hurt America"

    do as you wish, each of us have our our "comfort zone".

    i'll take the NYC, NJ, CT traffic anyday...........
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  6. Chinatown

    Chinatown Road Train Member

    Aug 28, 2011
    Henderson, NV & Orient
    Indian River Transport is probably a good fit for you. Real nice equipment and hauls food grade liquids, such as milk, wine, etc. Coast to coast and also have some regional.
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  7. bentstrider83

    bentstrider83 Road Train Member

    Dec 26, 2011
    Portales, NM
    For sure. Run some long hauls out of various spots. And get some cheeseplant loads delivered while waiting on the next longhaul. Plenty of ways to keep the wallet full over here.
  8. breadtrk

    breadtrk Heavy Load Member

    Oct 4, 2015
    You have the big money ticket, just call around to the national tank outfits. There are tons that will make sure you want local again in a few years.
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