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Discussion in 'Discuss Your Favorite Trucking Company Here' started by Lazy Lightning, Oct 14, 2010.

  1. lowney4

    lowney4 Bobtail Member

    Sep 7, 2010
    thank you for your post.werner lied and cheated me.i quit on the spot.
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  3. frdr

    frdr Medium Load Member

    Aug 25, 2007
    houston, tx.
    I know Werner is a bottom feeder, but you need to give details about your experience with them.

    Coming on here and saying they lied and cheated you, doesn't carry much weight.

    How? What? When? Why? Where?

    Details please.
  4. Cruz36

    Cruz36 Light Load Member

    Nov 12, 2010

    To be honest, this is no different for any other company, trucking or not. I have heard the same thing from people who worked at Walmart, CSC, Lockheed Martin, Datatrac and so on. All any big company cares about is it's bottom line.

    Care about yourself. You driving for the trainer benefits you in that your getting your drive hours, then on to getting your experience.

    Anyone who has a job and has been there for sometime starts to get complacent, and even a little aggravated. I just don't see any difference between them and any other company.
  5. Lazy Lightning

    Lazy Lightning Light Load Member

    Nov 23, 2008
    Austin, TX
    Your right I've been talking to a lot of drivers and they all tell me the same thing all the big companys are the same.

    They have been keeping me moving. I' m not making a whole lot of money, but I'm getting experience and I'm having fun. So all of you wanabe's that quit, good luck trying to find a trucking job that you will be happy 100 % of the time. Have I got mad and want to quit, yes, but I went to sleep and the next day was better. That's trucking deal with it or find some other profession.
  6. tjsr6

    tjsr6 Bobtail Member

    Nov 24, 2010
    How much money? How many miles? Please & Thank you
  7. Auditor1

    Auditor1 Bobtail Member

    Dec 30, 2010
    Atlanta, GA
    I drove for Werner for about 4 months in 2007 after which I turned in my two weeks notice and quit. It wasn't Werner, it was me, that was the problem because I just couldn't make the transition to the life style. Plus the money was terrible at about .24 cpm at that time. Had I actually been compensated properly for the work demanded I would have been able to make the transition. But as it was, it just wasn't financially worth the trouble to me.

    So I went home and returned to my accounting roots. However, they gave me a job when I needed one and for that I will always be greatful. So, if professional driving is your calling in life, Werner is as good as the next big company for you to get a start. Just keep your head in the game while you are training and don't 'job hop' too freaquently without having really done your homework; put in your time there, but always be looking for opportunities to better your situation. With that success will follow.
  8. Birddog316

    Birddog316 Bobtail Member

    Aug 14, 2009
    in the South
    Ok Here's a story on dedication to Werner....I started out in 2004 back before the "little ####" got to running things into the ground . I recruited out of Portland oregon...1st run was to get a new truck in Omaha but i had to run a decommisioned truck (fleet sales) and a trailer of Qualcomms and other parts to Omaha...got pulled into the weigh station on the other side of Cabbage Hill...ticket given for no current registration on truck--Werner took care of it...but its on my DAC.

    Started out running 48...got injured in NJ 7-8 months in (rolled ankle getting out of truck in soft gravel)...got sent home in rental car...paid for 3 weeks being hurt (workmans comp)...got back on truck, this time Western 11 region...brank new Peterbilt too from Dallas

    Hurricane Katrina hits...Werner gets contract to run water and supplies for relief...i run a van of bottled water from Portland to Pearl MS...good right...told dispatcher to keep me on entire trip...No problem...as soon as i hit Ogden utah...get taken off me to be run by the relay (Netops) across I-80...and i get to run a fiberglass load 15 minutes away to Home Depot AND have to unload it...told dispatcher they had to make up 1900 miles by Friday or I was done.. they said NO PROBLEM we'll do you better than 1900 by Friday...BULLS**T!!!!!

    Friday comes and I see my check $450...I ask where the closest netops is...they say Cheyenne Wyoming I tell them be prepared to move me to the netOps run out of WY...OK I get my weeks vacation time...go home to Oregon pack up and get a load going to the Cheyenne Wyoming yard...(have a mobile home rental already setup there.)

    Then i run the truck down to Colorado, turn it in and tell them I want to start on the netOps run in Cheyenne...They said they didn't think I was serious...i told them I used my weeks vacation to pack and move so i could get on it...so the following Monday they put me on...ran it for 3 years..1 from Cheyenne too North Platte NE..then moved to nebraska to run from Omaha to West branch for 2 years...bought a house 30 minutes from terminal headquarters...everything's fine until Obama becomes president and the economy starts collapsing..then the "little ####" decides to cut back everything..layover vacation detention etc from $65-100 to a flat $20/day...this plus a sitout of 8 days straight due to no frieght moving west to east caused my paycheck to reduce from $660 to $120...

    BTW...on the 8 day sitout...i was required to call in every 3 hours to check with dispatch to see if frieght was available..not one time in any of those 8 days was i told anything about cutbacks or reductions in pay...when i got my paycheck i was livid and went throught the Werner beehive to find some answers...I got told messages were sent to all trucks about the reductions...(I had not been in mine for 8 days because of no frieght so did not get it..part of the Netops policy is to call prior to shift to get info for the day..and everytime i called they said the same thing..nothing)
    On top of this i find out...the other 5 guys i ran the shift with.....did not miss ONE SINGLE DAY OF WORK....the "little ####" had called in a favor for a family member to run some extra time for an upcoming baby situation...and the family memeber was supposed to be rotated through the 6 of us on that shift ie one off one on...but it got stuck to me to sit out while he collected my paycheck...

    So i had to make a decision...stay dedicated for another 4 years to a company that didn't give a #### about me losing my house due to their own greed? or move on and try to save my house...well i moved on..(lost my house nonetheless).

    At the time of my hiring trainers had to have between 3 to 5 years road experience WITH Werner to become trainers...now its 6 months out of CDL school you can start training others...2 guys fresh off the boat (trainer and trainee) both lost their lives that year in the KY ice storm due to the company policy renewal on training....

    wonder if they will ever learn??? Shortcuts can and do kill..and they LIE LIE LIE LIE LIE LIE LIE LIE LIE LIE and LIE some more...

    Lesson here is dedication and loyalty is to only yourself and your family...everybody else will eat you alive if you try to be loyal and dedicated to them...it doesn't mean jacks**t anymore
  9. brsims

    brsims Road Train Member

    Aug 8, 2009
    Meadville, PA
    Sadly, I can remember a time when I wore my Werner "gimme" hat with pride. I also remember when Werner was the company drivers wanted to work for. I miss those days. Trucking was alot more fun back then.:biggrin_2553:
  10. RaTrAcE

    RaTrAcE Bobtail Member

    Jan 10, 2011
  11. Lazy Lightning

    Lazy Lightning Light Load Member

    Nov 23, 2008
    Austin, TX
    Well my time with Wener has come to an end. They kept me rollin' until new years rolled around and things got slow. I spent a lot of time sitting and not making any money. I saw the country and I got some good experience along the way. I also conformed what I new from the start, I don't like big company's. I'm not going to bad mouth them they gave me a chance to get back into running a big truck again.

    Thanks to a good friend of mine I got a new job making about 50 % more per mile pulling a food grade tanker. The company has less trucks than my FM has on his board. I like that. One last thing I will say about Werner and my FM is when I told him that I was leaving he told me if it didn't work out they would take me back.
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