Goodman/Daiken Waller Texas

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  1. just north on 290 coming out of Houston headed towards Austin about half hour from Brenham as crow flies shin-chan air conditioning supply company called Goodman manufacturing.
    they have many locations all over course the one in Fayetteville Tennessee is so-so.
    but out here in the shadows of the Love's truck stop approximately one mile south sits the monster is facility of the Daikin Goodman corporation.
    some of the nicest people I've had to deal with and one of great driver friendly places I've been to.
    you can park there and sleep at night..if your company is set up for a drop and hook and your load is not ready you can drop your empty trailer and leave anytime you want and come back when you want go up to the Love's or across from Love's on Highway 290 or some more amenities Junior a few places there.. I'll show up by door 165 is a driver's lounge with numerous microwaves great selections of food you're more than welcome to use it anytime extremely clean bathrooms and when the place is closed as I came in on a holiday they were still add the doors open for Access there if you wanted to go over to the driver's area.
    a very good place to go into and if you get stuck there cuz your loads not ready you can come and go as you please.
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