GSF trucking school in los angeles- STAY AWAY!!!

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  1. m1auto

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    May 2, 2013
    I recently used GSF to renew my CDL they are located in a small lot next to an abandoned warehouse on 1515 evergreen st. in los angeles. Let me start off by saying they made me pay up front and told me I could do the test on a certain day that did not interfere with my job. They called me back and told me that day was unavailable so I told them I wanted a refund and they told me it would cost $150 to give me a refund which was half of what I paid. So I ended up taking the day off of work to do it anyway. I was shocked at how bad of an area the place is located. It was a spitting image of grand theft auto however the people loitering in the alley next to the school looked meaner. I was just using the truck for a couple hours to take the driving exam with. The trucks they had were complete dogs that couldn't pass a DOT inspection if one was ever brought down on them. They had me use their even junkier truck that never left the lot to practice parallel parking with some street cones that looked like they were stolen from a construction site. After a couple hours of trying to manuver the truck around with a 28ft trailer in their lot which was so small they had to move all of their trucks out to have enough space to practice in. the "instructor" arrived. He barely spoke english and yelled a lot. We got in the "street legal" truck with a 28ft trailer and headed to the DMV in torrance CA. This truck had a 7 speed transmission and the clutch pedal had about 10 inches of play in it where the legal limit is one inch. The brakes were so touchy that if you even rested your foot on the pedal they would slam on and almost lock up the wheels and the truck ran so rough that the mirrors shook so bad I couldn't make anything out in them. While we drove to the DMV the "instuctor" was eating bananas the whole time and had his mouth full the whole time. It didnt really matter since he didn't speak english so I couldn't understand him anyway. After we made our way through the horrible traffic we arrived at the DMV. I would advise anyone interested in getting a CDL to stay away from the torrence DMV anyway because the parking lot where they do the testing is barely big enough to manuver a bobtail, let alone a trailer. I would suggest the san bernandino DMV if possible. So I did my pre-trip inspection and the test administrator got in the truck to do the air brake check. I did the leak down test, cut in, cut out, and low air pressure alarm. The truck failed but the test administrator didn't look at the air guage so I told him it passed to get on with my test. The air didn't cut in until 60psi where it was supposed to cut in before 85psi. I could barely see out the window because they had the sun visor so stuffed with paper it hung down into my vision. The fire extinuished was just laying on the floor free to roll around and the cab was so full of trash and cans that the "instructor" had to clean it out before the test. They had some chairs in the trailer that they took out before the test for the other students to sit in while I took my test. The chairs looked like they stole them from a school that had burned down recently and looked like they had been burned. Chairs aside this place is not legit and is run by scammers. Avoid at all costs!!:biggrin_25513:
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  2. Cranky Yankee

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    Jan 31, 2012
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    but you got your cdl?
    for $300
    shut up and be happy
    in 76 i got mine walking into the back door of mass dmv
    with a 100 lbs of lobsters
    took my license came back with one said chaueffer
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    Nov 30, 2008
    Sioux Falls, SD
    Didn't you check this place out before signing up? My school didn't have chairs, we sat on the grass or the curb.
    You could have paid $5000 at a mega fleet but you paid just $300, a good deal.
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    Jan 21, 2013
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    Wow what a whiney little #####. I attended gsf to obtain my cdl and I could not have been happier. The instructers were all very pleasant to work with and very helpful and informative. I never had any trouble with scheduling/rescheduling classes because unlike some people I read what I sign and respect the time frame given for such things. There was also plenty of room at the yard to practice all maneuvers. As far as the location goes all trucking schools to my knowlege are located in comercial/industrial areas wich aren't always the best looking areas. If you can only learn on the newest and best equipment you have a problem because no school is going to invest that kind of money for a truck that's just going to get beat to hell by students that are learning to drive a truck. You got what you paid for at a better price than anywhere else or you wouldn't have chosen gsf. Quit your ######## and move on!
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  5. GSF

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    Nov 16, 2012
    Dear Sir,

    We are sorry to hear that you did not have a good experience at our location in Los Angeles. Let me remind you that we were forced to schedule your training on a last minute basis since your permit was set to expire less than 5 days from when you called. Also, you enrolled in just TWO (2) hours of training which is designed for a driver who is virtually already ready to pass the exam. Felix, the instructor who gave you the class you paid for, is a fluent English speaker born in the US. Juan, the instructor that WITHOUT ANY OBLIGATION since you had already completed your TWO (2) hours of training allowed you to drive the truck down to the DMV, has an accent and learned English as a second language. An instructor, by the way, who has SUCCESSFULLY worked with hundredths of students FROM ALL ETHNIC, EDUCATIONAL, AND CULTURAL BACKGROUNDS throughout his teaching years. Let me repeat that this was EXTRA TIME outside of what YOU PAID FOR to give you a better chance to successfully pass your DMV driving test. As far as the truck is concerned, it is on a regular maintenance schedule and recently passed a random DOT inspection. The governor cut in for this particular truck occurs at 90 p.s.i., as long as the person operating it KNOWS HOW TO PROPERLY COMPLETE THE STEP. I am sorry you did not get your license on 5/1/12, but I encourage you to get the permit and try again. It is unfortunate that because you were unsuccessful in your driving test attempt at the TORRANCE DMV, an independent third party that has nothing to do with the school where they decided that you are not a sufficiently proficient commercial driver to be granted a CA CDL at this time, you decide to write a derogatory comment about the school. I invite anyone who is interested in obtaining a CDL to see for themselves that we are a PROFESSIONAL school that takes pride and interest in the success of their students. If you took the time to read this response, we thank you.

    Best Regards,

    GSF Schools
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    Aug 28, 2011
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    So, which company are you going to work for?
  7. Paluche

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    May 15, 2009
    Rancho Cucamonga, CA
    Why do schools use 6/7-speeds? That's just messed up for the students, regardless of who is right in this matter.
  8. Donnie Brooks

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    May 3, 2013
    I've lived in LA for the past 35 years and I tend to agree that this student is correct in his analysis.
  9. bobtailpilot

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    Nov 9, 2013
    Pmona CA
    Dear M1 Auto,

    Hello sir how are you? I hope everything is ok with you. I read your article about your experience in GSF in East Los Angeles. To be honest with you, I am planning to change career and willing to work hard and to be trained to get CDL class B. I visit this school myself yesterday (11/7) it was thursday afternoon. I thought I got lost in the area and I was so careful bec. I was driving our family box car that my wife and I recently bought few months ago. To make this story short, I finally arrive in 1515 Evergreen St, as you describe, It was really worst I see. I even or almost got in trouble by the security in that compound, and I told the security that I was looking for the CDL school so that I can take my class B license class for school bus. And when point to me the entrance of this school I was like what this really a school for bus and truck drivers? the place is bad, I even saw some vehicles park along this "trailer office" they have. And even the staff's itself, they look like a gangster, all I need is a skill sir and a safe equipment for me to drive to get CDL class B. For me, I am willing to pay I have no problem with that, however, when I saw the school, I was very diss-appointed. I cannot even discuss this to my wife and to my parents for what I see, because I know they will be like, are you ok? And I even see the bus myself, and it looks so bad and not even safe for me to drive it. Have you visit their Sylmar office before? As a potential CDL class B like me, who wants to learn to drive a school bus what will be your recomendation for me? I love driving and travelling, and I've been a cable box collector for more than 10 years and I already spend more than 1700 hrs of driving and 7,000 miles of all trips in my job. Since the cable job I have is not in good shape, I wanted to start a new career, I am only 37 years old. Ever since I was in 3rd grade I wanted to be a driver. since they have no Jeepneys here like in Philippines, I want to learn how to drive a school bus either small or big. I hope you can help me to search for a good school on this career, otherwise, I rather wait for next year to approve my application training in First Student bus.

    Thanks so much and I know how frustrating it is. Luckyly, I didnt withdraw any money yet to enroll, otherwise I will be in trouble. As I always say, I am determine to accomplish my dream to be a school bus driver. Take care always and GOD bless you.
  10. Honey nut

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    Mar 9, 2014
    I am a student product of GSF schools, I attended 5- 2 hour classes and ended up at the dmv testing for my cdl class b. End of the day I left with my interim cdl and cdl in the mail. No school is perfect just adapt and get it done. Opinions and experiences are like ask holes, everyone has one and all are different. I would go back and if you're scared about going in the hood, hell either don't go, find a school in Beverly Hills or pack heat.
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