Gsf trucking school Sylmar, Ca

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    Jun 15, 2013
    UsualSuspect - what do you know about having a CDL, what do you know about the quality of truck driving schools in the valley - NOTHING!!! and this is clear from your writings. Deceive people into thinking that there are "good" schools that offer 25-30 hours of training and that they have done it for "many" years, wow! AGAIN, you are not informed and should not be giving "opinions" on the subject.
    Recommending "so-called" schools that are not licensed or supervised by the state or that have been sued by students because they have no other way to recoup their money, and schools that have owners convicted for fraud, unbelievable!! Keep spewing your misinformation to the benefit of those who do not know any better.
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    Dec 20, 2017
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    So where did you end up taking your training?


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    I have had a CDL for years, so yes I can give an opinion. Every school, state supervised, or non-supervised has been sued by students, so you need to do some research. I also did not endorse any schools not supervised by the state. The question about 25-30 hour schools was asked, I responded, I in now way ever said that was enough hours, did I? If you want to comment, and quote, please get your facts in order. Have a great New Year.
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