hair follicle companies pay more?

Discussion in 'Trucking Industry Regulations' started by Northeasterner, Jun 5, 2021.

  1. Northeasterner

    Northeasterner Medium Load Member

    Apr 1, 2018
    Hey guys,
    Some thoughts here.... I've noticed freight rates going up and up and up, pay too. Now, some companies are starting to hair follicle test that previously wouldn't've. US Express Variant subsidiary is a good example. And that's fine, but let's face it:

    a company that hair follicle tests wants a "premium" driver

    anybody can down a few detox drinks to pass a pee test, but AT LEAST 10% of drivers by estimates can't make it thru a hair follicle. It looks back 90 days, so companies that hair follicle test are asking for a REALLY clean driver, one who is verifiably cleaner than most other drivers.

    So they should pay workers more for the guarantee. and in general, I've noticed a lot of the hair follicle testing companies *do* seem to pay a few cpm more.

    what do you guys think? is my thinking all messed up or am I onto something here? Kinda like a lotta minimum wage food service jobs don't even bother testing for weed, because they know they get what they pay for?
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  3. Lucky12

    Lucky12 Medium Load Member

    Nov 24, 2019
    My take: I think it's an actuary thing. Actuaries (the number crunchers whose work is used for setting insurance prices among other thibgs) seem to have found a correlation between those passing hair tests and lower incidence of costly collisions or other mishaps. I don't have the hard data to back this claim, it is speculation on my part. But many have said that the insurance companies offer lower insurance rates if drivers are hair follicle drug tested, and that makes sense. Many of the biggest companies are likely self insured, but if there were no discernable difference in outcomes, why would they cost their business 10% of potential employees during a period of acute driver shortages? And following that, if a company spends less on liability, it stands to reason some of that savings would make it's way into the drivers paychecks.

    Just a theory.
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  4. Lazer

    Lazer Medium Load Member

    Jan 22, 2017
    If cost savings were really passed on to the drivers, then my suggestion to my terminal manager years ago was valid; get me an old CF cab over, pay me 10 cents a mile more than the other shmucks in this yard, then I’ll stop complaining about these new crap boxes we drive!
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  5. silverspur

    silverspur Medium Load Member

    Sep 26, 2012
    Schneider does hair follicle testing and they don't pay that much. It's somewhat demeaning.

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  6. VA CDL Holder

    VA CDL Holder Medium Load Member

    Jun 14, 2011
    Knight, dry or reefer does a hair test. Here are my checks from last year, I drove for them briefly.
    knight edited checks.pdf
  7. abyliks

    abyliks Road Train Member

    May 2, 2010
    ludlow MA
    I don’t care what they pay, I’m not dealing with bean counter BS
  8. bryan21384

    bryan21384 Road Train Member

    Sep 18, 2009
    1918 Anywhere, USA 90210
    I personally don't see how drug testing impacts a driver's pay. The only thing that truly impacts a drivers pay, is the driver him/herself. Companies are going to pay whatever they pay, and for experienced drivers, it will be competitive. 45 - 55 cpm, that range is somewhere around what your average experienced driver will make. However many miles that driver runs will tell the story. That number range i put up is not including incentives. Straight up pay and miles. Companies pay what they can afford based on their freight and business model.
  9. RockinChair

    RockinChair Road Train Member

    No, they should not pay more simply because a driver is legally qualified to operate a CMV.

    Remaining drug free is a requirement to operate a CMV. You don't get paid extra for following the rules.
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  10. kitcarguy

    kitcarguy Light Load Member

    Mar 18, 2021
    I guess I still do not get it. Being drug free is a requirement to get and to keep a CMV. Seeing people wrapped up in what sort of drug testing xyz company is going to do is just ridiculous to me. Dont do them.....pretty simple really
  11. Team818

    Team818 Light Load Member

    May 5, 2019
    Just think if they gave drivers a second hair test after 3 months or so................ There would be alot of drivers cleaning out their Trucks.
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