Hamilton banning trucks from downtown

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  1. Iron Maiden

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    Apr 1, 2021
    The City of Hamilton in Ontario will start installing new and modified truck route signage this week to implement the recommendations of the 2022 Truck Route Master Plan Update.

    The key changes include the restriction of trucks over four-axles from travelling within areas of the downtown and other parts of the lower city; removal of selected streets from the truck route network; and modifications to certain time of day restrictions.

    (Photo: City of Hamilton)
    These changes aim to improve overall community livability and contribute to improved environmental and public health outcomes, while supporting regional economic prosperity, the city claims.

    They are designed to keep trucks on suitable roadways and in turn help mitigate impacts such as noise, vibration, and safety for vulnerable road users.

    Signage installations will take approximately six weeks to complete, with more than 600 signs being installed throughout Hamilton, beginning in the lower city then expanding to other areas. All installations are expected to be complete by April 30, weather permitting.

    Signage installations will occur outside of peak hours to minimize traffic impacts. All applicable enforcement of existing signage remains in effect until the removal of existing signage occurs.

    Restrictions will take effect progressively upon installation of the signage. The system utilizes both permissive and restrictive truck route signing. Trucks are expected to follow designated routes but may exit the permissive route to access their destination using the shortest distance from the truck route possible from non-designated city roadways.

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    Aug 23, 2020
    Unfortunately up here police dont bother with trucks running off route, none are on delivery, just following non truck route GPS. My area there are constantly trucks off truck routes, traveling through residential areas and of course knocking over stop signs and driving over sidewalks and through hedges.
  4. Judge

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    Mar 19, 2014
    Newport, Ar
    If y’all quit putting signs, sidewalks and bushes on the highway right-of-way, that’d fix the problem.:):p
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