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Discussion in 'Questions From New Drivers' started by Lostmykey, Apr 9, 2021.

  1. Lostmykey

    Lostmykey Light Load Member

    Oct 6, 2019
    Tripped and sprained (possible fracture) my hand walking bills in. Now I get to sit at home, best case is a week or two. Not gonna think about worst case.

    Not sure what company will do. So far so good with them and if I had a choice, I’d keep working through this, but I don’t know how legal it is to drive with one hand and the doctor did put a restriction on me. (Company already told me to secure truck and go home, I’m mostly just wondering what comes after this in our relationship).

    So I hope to continue on with them ASAP. Watch your feet!
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  3. tommymonza

    tommymonza Road Train Member

    Sep 10, 2013
    S.W. Florida
    I m only 57 but I look at every move I make as a possible long term injury these days. .

    I went down 3 years ago on the ice and tried to catch myself on the handrail going down steps

    Herniated disc 2 cracked ribs from the steps and a dislocated shoulder from grabbing the rail.

    I wa Down almost 3 months .
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  4. Jenn72

    Jenn72 Medium Load Member

    Jun 7, 2019
    Oh man that sucks! Hopefully just a sprain and heals pretty fast.

    My husband got serious ill (ended up in ICU) when he was a rookie with FFE. They were awesome about it. We thought for sure he was going to be let go, he wasn't & he was off for 2.5 months. Safety just had extra forms for the Dr. To fill out.

    A year & half ago I caught the flu & ended up in the hosp w/ pneumonia. I was only out for a week & a half though. It was no problem either. I also used my PTO to offset the financial hit.

    FFE biggest thing was communication. We kept them abreast of my husband condition 2x a week. Mine, my husband talked to them daily.
  5. kemosabi49

    kemosabi49 Trucker Forum STAFF Staff Member

    Jan 13, 2013
    SW Arkansas
    The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) requires employers to give employees up to 12 weeks of unpaid, job protected leave a year. I had to take off for three months on my last job and didn't have any problems.

    Family and Medical Leave Act | U.S. Department of Labor
    [​IMG]Family and Medical Leave Act | U.S. Department of Labor
    The FMLA entitles eligible employees of covered employers to take unpaid, job-protected leave for specified family and medical reasons with continuation of group health insurance coverage under the same terms and conditions as if the employee had not taken leave.
  6. Lostmykey

    Lostmykey Light Load Member

    Oct 6, 2019
    My injury should be covered under workers comp. I reported it right away and they issued me a claim number. I honestly think it’s a bit of a hassle and don’t really understand the process.

    I have health insurance and #### happens... apparently there’s some sort of law that comes into play for injuries that happen at work.
  7. Moosetek13

    Moosetek13 Road Train Member

    Nov 1, 2010
    Burnsville, MN
    I did something similar last year. While fueling I slipped on some spilled fuel and then tripped over the hose.
    I landed hard, and at 64 years old that means really hard. A rib may have been cracked, and certainly bruised badly.
    Multiple scrapes with plenty of blood, and a hurt shoulder that still bothers me to this day.
    I continued driving for a couple hours, but the pain just got worse so I shut myself down at a truck stop for 3 days to recover some.
    Cranking landing gear and pulling the fifth wheel was very painful for at least a month.
    That was when I bought a fifth wheel puller to help out. Those things are a great help if you are standing on ice as well.

    My company was great about the whole thing. They even paid me layover for the duration.
  8. AModelCat

    AModelCat Road Train Member

    Jul 7, 2015
    Knock on wood my worst job-related injury was I slid off the steer tire of a truck while standing on it, refilling the coolant after changing some hoses. Ended up landing sideways onto my ankle that I literally sprained 2 days prior by stepping into a gopher hole. Never said a word to anyone about it. Didn't feel like filling out an incident report lol.
  9. Allow Me.

    Allow Me. Trucker Forum STAFF Staff Member

    May 28, 2009
    Rancho Mirage, Ca.
    They may need the truck....don't leave all your stuff in it. You may wake up in the morning and they came and got it overnight ! They may also ask you to "speed up" your recovery if they need freight moved. And ask for doctors notes. OR, you may sit home and then are ready to return, and they don't have any trucks available.
  10. Moose1958

    Moose1958 Road Train Member

    Dec 17, 2010
    Hampton Virginia
    There are some exceptions. I have not researched it, but I think for a small company they are not covered. I know a lady that works for a local aggregate hauling carrier that asked for this leave to care for her father and was told no. The company worked with her and is allowing her to work from home some, but is still being required to stay on the job.
  11. homeskillet

    homeskillet Road Train Member

    Jun 1, 2013
    Dayton, OH
    Mrs Skillet told me the same thing about a year or so ago.

    I was coming out of a truckstop in Minnesota, during that snow and polar vortex thing.

    The packed snow raised the level of the curb, and I misjudged the length of the step down, due to the light coating of fresh snow.

    I came down hard on my right foot, which sent the shock right up to my hip, and somehow to my neck.

    My right hip is ALREADY my bad one, and commenced to throbbing with pain. My right knee felt like I wrenched it a little, and my neck felt like it does when I sleep on it wrong.

    The bottles of Tylenol and Advil were moved from the sleeper cabinet to the driver's side cubby hole above the visor, and both bottles saw heavy use for the next week or so.

    When I arrived home, I related this story to Missus Skillet in reply to her question, "Why are you walking funny?"

    Her reply was "Pay attention to where you step. You're an old guy, you can't afford to fall, you'll break something, and our insurance SUCKS!"

    "Well, since you put it that way........"
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