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Discussion in 'Experienced Truckers' Advice' started by ncmickey, Oct 24, 2021.

  1. ncmickey

    ncmickey Road Train Member

    Jun 21, 2013
    Durham NC
    The company I work for has asked me to go to Canada. It’s a load of pharmaceuticals going to a UPS Supply Chain in the Hamilton area. It may become a weekly dedicated run for me. I said I will give it a try.
    The shipper sends loads to Canada, Mexico and overseas so they know the drill. But I don’t. My employer has their Canadian Authority. But I will be the first Guinea Pig and I am a bit nervous.
    I got some great advice from @supersnackbar but I’m just looking for recent experience with all the changes due to the Pandemic.
    I am double vaccinated and have no issues with wearing a mask. So that’s no problem.

    As to speed limiters, I have received some conflicting info. One person said I need to be governed at 65. Another told me that’s not required for a US based company truck. My truck is governed at 72. If I put the petal at 65 and cruise at 72, would that satisfy the requirement?
    I’ll be leaving Canada empty
    Any advice is welcome.
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  3. bonder45

    bonder45 Road Train Member

    Oct 2, 2011
    Williston, ND
    You’ll need to bring your vac card ( for now at least ) to enter restaurants and places.

    Don’t worry about speed limiter, won’t be an issue.
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  4. uncleal13

    uncleal13 Road Train Member

    Apr 9, 2009
    Humboldt, Sk
    They no longer check for speed limiter settings. But if you get a speeding ticket for going faster than 65 mph (105 kph) then you’ll automatically get a ticket for a deficient speed limiter setting.
    Canada customs requires all shipments to be electronically sent and pre cleared. If not, they’ll give you a $5,000 fine and kick you back into the USA until the shipment is cleared
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  5. kylefitzy

    kylefitzy Road Train Member

    Aug 12, 2007
    Kansas city,Mo
    You’d really have to earn that 5k dollar fine. I’ve had a few issues where loads were not sent and I didn’t do my due diligence checking for myself. Never really an issue and never turned around and sent back to the states. Depending on the crossing, some will search your cab and sleeper while you’re waiting to get your paperwork sorted out. Once it’s all straight you’re on your way.
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  6. supersnackbar

    supersnackbar Road Train Member

    Aug 19, 2007
    Your Town, USA
    I actually checked into a different port than where the broker thought I was going (weekend dispatch failed to inform the customs broker where and when I said I was crossing). It took 4+ hours to correct the issue, but after they got the issue fixed, they sent me on my way without a fine. AND the CBSA officer was a very professional and friendly person to work with.(unlike most US customs officers)

    Also, you may want to verify with your cell carrier that your plan allows use in Canada without charging huge prices. I ended up switching to T-Mo because they had unlimited talk and text and a decent amount of usable data for my tablet up there. My Verizon family plan didn't include Canada, and changing to a similar plan at Verizon to what T-Mo offered would have cost a lot more.
  7. mitrucker

    mitrucker Road Train Member

    Dec 15, 2010
    Lapeer, MI
    I cross over and back five days a week in Port Huron, MI. It’s a relatively painless process.
  8. Trucker K

    Trucker K Light Load Member

    Sep 21, 2019
    Canada is really not different that the USA but just basically more desolate regarding population and when comparing Truck stops, Rest Areas and most amenities. Just base it on a 10% ratio (1:10). There's one at Gray's rd, Hamilton, ON. However, the big depot is @ 4150 Mainway, Burlington, ON which isn't far from there. It's about 17 minutes difference in driving around 13.6 Mi's. There's a nicely kept Petro Pass Truck stop near by @
    740 Parkdale Ave N, Hamilton, ON L8H 3Y2 Stay within reason with your speed around 67 mph you should be alright on the highways.
  9. Plantfoam

    Plantfoam Light Load Member

    Aug 18, 2015
    It seems like all the Canadian trucks go faster now
  10. Redtwin

    Redtwin Road Train Member

    Aug 17, 2012
    PBC, FL
    Had a few loads that were not properly cleared and never once heard mention of a fine. Canadian Customs agents I have dealt with in those cases were quite helpful in getting it sorted out. They don't want you hanging around in their holding lots for ages either.

    Keep your speed at 65MPH and limiters or the lack thereof won't be an issue. If your truck doesn't have a limiter, and you get caught over 65MPH the equipment ticket goes to the company/owner of the truck who will most likely not be happy with you as I have heard it is in the region of $500. The actual speeding fine you will have to pay and it is relatively small.

    Never once been asked about vaccinations at the border. Occasionally they will ask if you have any symptoms and only once have I been asked to wear a mask at the crossing. While in Canada you have to wear a mask inside buildings etc, but again, never been asked about vaccinations or had to show proof to get in. Granted, I pretty much only go inside at truck stops and rest area food courts etc. If you are the type to go exploring in the city, you may experience otherwise.

    Probably goes without saying, but leave any guns, knives or pepper spray etc at home. I have been grilled about knives I had on the truck and one was questionable as far as legality (they don't like anything that can be opened with one hand) but the agent was understanding and just told me to make sure to leave it at home next time I crossed but I erred on the side of caution and tossed it in the trash first chance I got in Canada. Only thing I carry now is a utility knife that I keep in my tool bag under the bunk.

    This has been my experience with the GTA, Ontario and Montreal, Quebec. Don't know anything about other provinces as I have never been to them.
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