HELP! Expedite Solutions TAX FRAUD

Discussion in 'Expediter and Hot Shot Trucking Forum' started by Pardel, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. squirrellsgnwild

    squirrellsgnwild Medium Load Member

    Hire an attorney and sue them! thats just wrong [​IMG]
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  3. Pardel

    Pardel Light Load Member

    Jan 25, 2008
    Bernie, MO
    Thanks guys, my husband says your totally right. We are going to have to hire an attorney (weather I like dipping further into savings or not) to tackle this un-scrupulous company. They thrive on scam and deception. They have cheated us out of money we worked for, now this. Attorney it is!

    I Just can't beleive this guy can stay in business and get away with what he is doing. He scams couples that either want to do something different after retirement (like us) or couples that are desperate to find employment (like some wonderful friends of ours we meet on the road) into a year of deception and slavery. He actually pays the team about 12 percent of the revenue they bring in. Then he cheats them out of part of that.

    My husband took his CDL test through them during orientation (with very little help from them) for this they are trying to charge him over 7000.00 even though they owe us 9000.00. AND they are actually saying I owe them for my CDL even though I have had my CDL for over 14 years! I don't know what they are thinking! I started checking into them after receiving a letter saying they were keeping the 9000.00 they owe us and they were "pretty sure" we would still owe them an additional 7000.00. Their school is not even legal. They have no licensed instructors. Two of the ones "teaching" are not even CDL holders and the third is a driver they brought in off the road. Nothng about them is legal that is not licensed to 'instruct'. They play off of the C1 school located next door to them, however, C1 states they have nothing to do with Expedite Solutions. So this is going to cost us even more but it is time for someone to do something about these people.
  4. pjr

    pjr Bobtail Member

    Apr 12, 2008
    kunkletown, pa
    I contacted the IRS fraud and they said go to the better business bureau first who then said they don't handle complaints for employers. AYE AYE AYE!! I even contacted the State Police and they didn't seem to care, said go to the local magistrate, but we don't have an address--just cell phone number. Can you tell me who to go through.
  5. ziggystyles

    ziggystyles Road Train Member

    hmm, lol...I dont know what to do. I know that when I've been in situations with people (like landlords)...I call in and ask concerned, sound stupid, ask questions in a way that they know the answer...etc.

    "um hi...this is so and so...and I have this leaking dishwasher. I called you last week about it and nothing was done, nobody came over. Now since Im paying for rent, I can get the only available plumber to come over who charges 150/ hour and Ill just take it off my rent, or you can maybe pay for it?"
    lol something like that.

    Maybe you could call in your previous boss and say something like that
    "Hi...I just got my 1099 and I was wondering about something. I only got paid 19k, and the 1099 says I got paid 53k. But according to my accountant...the payroll stubs I have which add up to my numbers of 19k are correct and we are trying to figure out where the rest of the 53 grand is...because I never got it? Now...I talked to my attorney as well just to make sure my tax reporting wouldnt be an issue with the IRS and he suggested that you just get a cashiers check for the remainder of the money and we will be squared up. Although I did have to talk to him a bit because he was concerned I might not be the only employee this is happening to...but I told him this was probably a simple clerical error that youd like to resolve promptly without legal investigation and action. So...when can I expect that check?"
    Ok probably wouldnt work...but boy it would feel good to hear his excuses.
  6. badsey

    badsey Medium Load Member

    Oct 9, 2007
    Green Bay, WI
    file for the extension: 4868 (due 4/15)

    Complete your taxes with the info you have. =show due diligence that you did them to the best of your ability. Expain the discreptencies in a letter. Make copies of everying for future reference.

    -you may be part of a lawsuit. May take years.

    But by showing that you didn't try to defraud the IRS, hopefully they won't penalize you. = not worth it since the rates are massive.
  7. Pardel

    Pardel Light Load Member

    Jan 25, 2008
    Bernie, MO

    LOL oh my, that is soooo good. ROFLMAO, I am going to do just that! Thanks for a great plan.
  8. scarecrow56

    scarecrow56 Light Load Member

    Oct 31, 2006
    palm bay, fl.
    Be prepared for the following. This happened to me.

    The state of Indiana finds that they are operating an illegal CDL school so they decertify the school. After that, every person who EVER got thier CDL thru that school now has to go back to the state and retest thru the DMV. All 3 phases of the CDL test. If you fail they will down grade your license to a regular operators for 4 wheeler.

    This happened to me and about 785 other CDL holders in Florida. Whether or not you have to go back to the state that the school is in if you live in another, I dont know.
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