Help Wanted: Class A CDL OTR Diver

Discussion in 'Trucking Jobs' started by ApeHangerGod, May 21, 2022.

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    Aug 28, 2018
    Help Wanted: Currently looking for a Class A CDL driver for OTR. You’ll be driving my 2016 Cascadia pulling a 53’ dry van trailer. Pay is salary based. So you know what you’ll be getting paid. No more guessing with percentage and no more begging for miles.
    I prefer my driver to be on the road for 3 weeks then you’ll get 7 days off. I found that it is easier for drivers to plan quality time with their families that way.
    I’ve got ezpass prepaid toll transporters in my trucks as well as prepass weigh station bypass transponders and Satellite radios.
    Primary running area will be Midwest, Southeast, South, occasional Southwest, and maybe some New England runs. No New York City. No Long Island. No West coast except for once in a blue moon when a decent California run may show up.
    Blue Beacon truck washes once a week. You can charge anything off their menu onto my account.
    I have Speedco/Loves account to cover oil changes on the truck and APU as well as tire repairs or light mechanical repairs. My fuel network is TA/Petro. Fuel cards won’t work on any other network.
    Requirement: Must be experienced in driving a Commercial Vehicle. Preferably GA, TN, or Alabama licensed. Must pass a pre-employment drug test. Minimum of 3 years, preferably 5 years or more. No major traffic violations within the last 5 years. No DUI’s or DWI’s within the past 10 years. No at fault accidents within the past 3 years. Insurance will be the dictating factor if I can hire you.
    Yes the truck has an ELD. Yes I expect my drivers to manage their time accordingly to not only make pickups and deliveries on time, but to stay ELD compliant too.
    As I said, it is salary based employment. I also give a quarterly bonus and a Christmas bonus based on performance. I pay off of W2, not 1099. So you won’t be paying my share of of employment taxes, I’ll be paying those.

    Truck will be ready to roll the first week of June.

    If interested, send a message right here, facebook @ or call me at 706-996-6303.
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