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  1. CoreyL

    CoreyL Bobtail Member

    Feb 27, 2021
    Earp Distribution
    2370 S 98th St
    Edwardsville, KS

    We're looking for Class A drivers for food service route delivery. Earp Distribution is a family owned and operated business serving two outstanding customers that have about 525 locations currently. Our customers thrive in good times and bad and the work is always steady.

    - routes return home daily
    - 4 and 5 day routes
    - great health/vision/dental benefits
    - company paid pension + 401k w/ matching

    You can count on ~$80k a year but some guys blow that away...some variance depending on how you want to run.

    About 25% of deliveries require some two-wheeling but most of those are bringing pallets down with an electric jack and then two-wheeling inside from the restaurant back door. We do have a few trailers with ramps, though.

    The other 75% is delivered palletized using electric pallet jacks.

    I started driving for Earp in 2006 so hit me with questions and I'll shoot you straight on the good and the bad.
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