Hotshot, straight, CDL?

Discussion in 'Expediter and Hot Shot Trucking Forum' started by RaulHauls, Jun 24, 2024.

  1. RaulHauls

    RaulHauls Bobtail Member

    Jun 24, 2024
    Hey y’all, I’m currently a hotshot driver, non-CDL. I’ve been riding this way for some time and it’s worked well for me but looking further into the future I wanna get a better idea of long term plans. I understand everyone has different needs, desires, goals etc. I’m looking In the general sense of success including the aspects of this work. I’ve heard a variety of answers and I know that’s what I’m going to get here but I enjoy picking brains.

    From personal/professional experiences how has it worked for you? I’ve considered adding a box for a long time but I consistently track routes, cost per miles, weight etc for all of them but box seems to do a lot worse unless you’re shooting for a moving company.

    cdl hotshot/semis I’ve heard have great rewards for their efforts. I’ve also heard all the extra BS added with having a cdl is not worth the hassle and strain for the change in income.

    as for non-cdl I’ve done great. Consistent weeks for the most part. DOT isn’t an issue as I’m clean and proper. I’m worried I’m limiting myself too much with non-cdl. what has your experiences been with these if you’ve had them? Thanks for your time, answers and be safe out there!
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