How bad does the tractor have to be that they're willing to sell it for $2900?

Discussion in 'Ask An Owner Operator' started by Infosaur, Jan 20, 2020.

  1. Infosaur

    Infosaur Road Train Member

    Low top, sleeper International.
    Probably from the 80's.
    I think they used it for a yard mule for at least 10 years. Don't know if it's even been inspected recently.
    I don't know if that's required if it never leaves private property.
  2. Ffx95

    Ffx95 Heavy Load Member

    May 18, 2017
    Probably needs serious work. Or sometimes it’s the family member of a deceased trucker that’s selling it doesn’t know the real value of one. My mother worked in a diner about 6-7 years ago and she knew a trucker with an ol 90’s Freightliner classic pretty good condition. Anyhow long story short we knew him a long time and he passed away one day about 3 years ago found out his daughter was selling the truck asking for 5k. I was still too early into the trucking game but would we have known I would have bought it in a heartbeat cause this guy absolutely babied his truck. Whoever bought it got a #### good truck for pennies.
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  3. rachi

    rachi Road Train Member

    Feb 25, 2010
    Might not know what its worth. Could be a little gem. If its any good it won't last long before someone buys it.
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  4. AModelCat

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    Jul 7, 2015
    The North
    I'm an expert here. I bought one cheaper than that:

    -Every gasket on the engine will leak.
    -All air valves will be NFG.
    -Air lines will be dry-rotted.
    -Tires will be junk.
    -Frame will be in rough shape.
    -Suspension will be worn out.
    -Wiring will be trash.

    Unless you plan on sinking 5 figures and a few hundred hours of time into it, I wouldn't even waste the gas in your car to even go and look at it. Only exception being if you're looking for a junker to move trailers around or if you're looking for a restoration project. From my experience, the only difference between a $2500 truck and a $9000 truck is new tires.
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  5. Ezrider_48501

    Ezrider_48501 Road Train Member

    Apr 2, 2011
    bismarck, nd
    has to be pretty bad to only be worth 2500. junk yards will pay 5k for about any truck in any condition running or not. as they only have to sell a couple bigger parts to brake even then everything else and the scrap is in there pocket.

    pretty much every truck priced under 20k unless its under priced is going to need a lot of work.

    here is a truck i paid $7500 for

    here it is now after about 300 hours of labor into it so far about about 20k it will probably be double that in $$ and tripple that in hours before its back on the road again.

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  6. 062

    062 Road Train Member

    Oct 20, 2013
    When you get done with it I’ll give you double what you paid for it :D
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  7. jamespmack

    jamespmack Road Train Member

    Mar 25, 2014
  8. skellr

    skellr Road Train Member

    Jul 17, 2011
    The Village, Portmeirion
    International with a MaxxForce engine? Run!

    Ohh 80's you say? Those Eagles were nice.
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  9. Chubby Fly

    Chubby Fly Light Load Member

    Nov 25, 2019
    Amodel nailed it.
    Its a parts truck but im no sure there any parts anyone would want. So it could be used as a yard mule for someone else, or if it was some kind of special restoration you would want to do to use as a coffee getter or a show truck if you want to drop that kind of loot
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  10. Ezrider_48501

    Ezrider_48501 Road Train Member

    Apr 2, 2011
    bismarck, nd
    lol i bet you would. mabye if take how much i have in it when its done double that then take my hours x 100 an hour and then double that mabye id consider but i don't plan to ever sell it.
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