How do you guys stay in shape!!!

Discussion in 'Questions To Truckers From The General Public' started by marinegordon, May 13, 2008.

  1. aussiejosh

    aussiejosh Road Train Member

    Aug 28, 2009
    Airlie Beach QLd
    Alot more walking and alot less eating the best 2 combo's

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  3. ladyhawk90629

    ladyhawk90629 Bobtail Member

    Jul 25, 2010
    Northern California
    Ladyhawk here ... you get out of the seat when u stop and walk stretch , I lift weights , and do isosymetric excercises (can be done even when driving) , eat right not heavy greasy cruddy food. Remember fruits and veggies, and just dont eat greasy food before lying down to sleep and that keep it from turning into more than a spare tire , just walk around burn some of the carbs before being in the sleeper or chair. I am 110 lbs and 5'4 female it is easy if you make it your routine , good luck to you be safe and God Bless!
  4. Stunt_Driver

    Stunt_Driver Bobtail Member

    Jul 18, 2010
    South Carolina
    I do exactly what Stallone does in Over The Top. That's a real truck driver workout. Haha.
  5. Kiviknon

    Kiviknon Light Load Member

    Jul 8, 2010
    Fayetteville, NC
    I use a lot of stuff. Luckily I'm able to keep my 5th wheel way back and I have my bmx bike locked and secured on the catwalk. I have a small set of weights, I have a skateboard which is always fun when I'm in an urban area. I also found a load lock for a reefer trailer, one of the nice ones that folds up to about 4' long. I always ask permission but normally I can wedge it between two trailers and start knocking out some pull ups.

    There are always plenty of people curious about what I'm doing.

    Also if anyone knows of a tennis court near any truck stops I would love to know about them. I keep hoping to find one and play.
  6. phroziac

    phroziac Road Train Member

    Jun 16, 2009
    Gary, IN
    As soon as i get my first paycheck im going to strap my old junky ten speed i got on freecycle last year to the hose rack on my truck. Im going to bring my roller skates along this summer too.
  7. scottied67

    scottied67 Road Train Member

    Mar 14, 2010
    california norte
    I have a couple of 20 pound dumbells in the truck. After few hours of driving it can get your blood flowing and help wake you up when you pump out about 3 sets for a total of 50 reps or so as well as about 50 shoulder shrugs. The way the shrugs work is to hold the weights in front of your thighs and shrug like you don't know. Rinse and repeat til you feel that wonderful burn. Then lift the weights up to your chin with your elbows going straight out to your sides. It will look funny to others but your shoulders will be rock hard in a couple of days. For my neck I lie down on the bunk and hold my head up off the mattress as long as I can then turn my head to the right and still hold my head up til I feel like I will pass out then turn my head to the left, rinse and repeat. It burns away that second chin lol. I had to develop a strong neck for overhead welding where you lie down on your back under a beam or someplace hard to get at and weld with the sparks coming down right on you. That welding hood gets heavy real fast.

    I also have hand grips handy when I'm driving. I use the pyramid. Like I'll start out doing 10 squeezes then 11 on up to 25 then back to 24 - 23 all the way back down to 10 for the cool down. That might last for 100 miles and also gets your blood flowing. Squeeze your biceps triceps lats and abs while you are also squeezing your hand grips (one hand at a time please).

    For my legs while I'm driving, first conditions have to be perfect like no other traffic around, flat straight smooth roadway - I will do what I kind of call a high static squat. I just lift my butt up off the seat with feet flat on the floor, thighs about parallel to the floor and hold that position for about 1.5 to 2 miles. Of course the truck must be in cruise control first lol. I just do that several times over 100 miles again and my legs don't feel so much like rubber the next time I get out to do a tire check or something.

    Forgot to mention those tire checks are perfect times for pushups. Make sure you take your time and pump out as many as your can til you collapse on the ground. A good Marine pushup is where your chest is one hand thickness away from the ground; not touching the ground then push up slowly. Keep your back and legs straight and taut and you'll be working muscles you didn't know you had. A good incentive is to do your pushups over a dried up pee puddle so your mind will be less inclined to collapse before you body will.
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  8. ladyhawk90629

    ladyhawk90629 Bobtail Member

    Jul 25, 2010
    Northern California
    Heck yeah that is truley on the mark !
  9. James Johnson

    James Johnson Light Load Member

    May 27, 2017
    I always exercise inside my truck it's pretty easy. Least exercise 15 minutes or more. What I do is push ups, sit ups, curls ups, and jogging or running around my truck (outside not inside) I may look weird running around in my truck.
  10. vincent2244

    vincent2244 Bobtail Member

    Oct 15, 2017
    workout whenvever you have the time
  11. Jazz1

    Jazz1 Road Train Member

    May 7, 2012
    Thunder Bay On
    One of our drivers had a bumper sticker..."I'm in shape, round is a shape!" :)
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