how does the "dac" work?

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  1. rpad139

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    Jan 9, 2014
    I have heard of the dac report. But no idea exactly how it works. Who decides what to write on your dac report? Is it the upper management or just the fleet manager that will be in charge of your dac. From what I've heard only negative comments are made on the dac. Is it possible to find positive comments from the company?

    Will my company warn me before they write on my dac report? Anyone have experiences of a negative dac report? Will my company go into thorough detail of my time with them?
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  3. TomOfTx

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    Jul 13, 2013
    Friendswood, TX
    Very similar to how your credit report works, except it is specific to transportation related employment. Generally items listed on your DAC go back as far as the previous 7 years. Any information listed that you do not believe to be factual can be disputed much like information on your credit report. Usually in most cases the HR department handles what information is reported to DAC. The information is mainly dates of employment, any accidents, failed drug screens. Most major carriers do not mess around with putting false information on your DAC that cannot be proven. Too much of a liability risk should someone sue them for this.
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  4. rpad139

    rpad139 Heavy Load Member

    Jan 9, 2014
  5. kemosabi49

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    Jan 13, 2013
    SW Arkansas
    We still call it "Dac" but the company changed their name to HireRight. You can get a free report by going to:
    I think it's free once a year like the credit reports. It's a good idea to get one every year, especially if you've changed jobs to see if you previous company(s) have put something wrong or bad on there.
  6. Ubu

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    Aug 25, 2012
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    HireRight calls there background report the "DAC Employment History File" so the name still applies.
  7. CondoCruiser

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    Apr 18, 2010
    HireRight is a subscription based service which includes over 2500 trucking companies. With 3.6 million drivers that is just a small percentage. Mostly the larger companies use this service. Entries vary from company to company and is done online. One might restrict it to the HR dept while another allows a senior dispatcher to access the system. It was about 2-3 years or so ago? that HireRight lost a class action lawsuit for erroneous vindictive information from many companies. Many drivers got from a few dollars to a few thousand dollars. Since then HireRight is real careful and will quickly throw a dispute in your favor if the company doesn't show hard proof. It is to your benefit to challenge your report. Many companies won't bother with old cases. Get your yearly free report because many drivers end up with surprises.

    HireRight also extends to hospitals, banks, schools, casinos, franchises and retail.

    A few tidbits...


    Why is HireRight DAC the most-trusted background screening solution provider in the trucking industry? Serving the transportation industry since 1981, we’ve helped thousands of trucking companies put qualified drivers behind the wheel. Thanks to our knowledgeable staff and proprietary DAC Employment History File (a database containing over 6 million records with thousands more added monthly), our driver screening solutions are fast, accurate, and comprehensive.

    HireRight can customize screening packages based on best practices that meet your budget, regulatory compliance requirements and level of risk tolerance. We recommend the following set of core screening services for your safety and non-safety sensitive positions. Additional products are available for a more in-depth background screen. Please contact us to discuss our full line of product offerings.

    Safety Sensitive Positions

    Motor Vehicle Records
    Driving records provide state DMV-reported information on the applicant’s driver’s license, license class and type, endorsements, restrictions, driving violations, suspensions and DUIs when available.

    The existence of a driver’s current and up to three prior Commercial Drivers Licenses (CDLs) are reported through the Commercial Drivers License Information System (CDLIS). The search also includes HireRight’s proprietary Multiple License File which may list additional states in which a driver’s license was held that are not contained in CDLIS.

    DAC Employment History File

    Previous driver work histories, drug and alcohol histories and driver school performance can be verified instantly through HireRight’s proprietary database with access to 6 million+ commercial driver records. More than 2,500 carriers contribute to the database with thousands of records added monthly.

    Drug/Alcohol History Database

    Drug and alcohol history and pre-employment drug test results for commercial drivers can be accessed instantly from our database of more than 4 million records.

    Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP)
    Driver records are obtained through the FMCSA’s PSP report, which includes the most recent five years of crash data (DOT recordable accidents) and three years of roadside inspection data from the Motor Carrier Management Information System (MCMIS).

    3 Year Employment and Drug/Alcohol Violation History Verifications
    In one step, order a combined verification on a driver’s work history, drug/alcohol history and DOT accidents, if applicable.

    Widescreen PlusTM
    A wider geographic search is performed by investigating additional sources to locate criminal records in jurisdictions beyond applicant’s known address history and stated work locations. No records or information are reported from Widescreen Plus sources. Widescreen Plus is used only to identify additional jurisdictions to search.

    County Criminal, Felony and Misdemeanor Records Search
    County criminal court records are searched to identify whether an applicant has a criminal record history in the jurisdictions corresponding to their address history.

    DOT Pre-Employment Drug Testing
    Tests for the presence of illicit substances using a five-panel DOT-compliant drug test and Federal Custody and Control Form (CCF). Pre-Employment, post-accident, random, reasonable suspicion, follow-up and return-to-duty testing is available.

    DOT Alcohol Testing

    Tests for the presence of alcohol (breath or saliva) using DOT-approved device and DOT alcohol testing forms. Post-accident, random, reasonable suspicion, follow-up and return-to-duty testing is available.

    DOT Physical Exam
    The standard exam includes a complete physical exam result report that contains exam details such as physical expiration date, physical type and certification status, plus an image of the original Medical Examination Reports for each completed result. The premier exam contains all of the above, including a compliance review by a medical professional who will screen the DOT report for completeness and compliance with federal regulations.

    U.S. Employment Eligibility Verification Solutions
    Streamlines the Department of Homeland Security’s employment eligibility process by using electronic I-9 forms and quickly determines an applicant’s work eligibility status using the E-Verify system (if enrolled).

    You can get more detailed info here. Use the menu on the right.
  8. dddddddd951

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    Apr 28, 2014
    Hello, Is it possible for any drivers to check their records?
    Please advise me. Thanks
  9. snowblind

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    Jan 29, 2011
    conover nc
    according to hireright ive never driven a truck......37 years its bs
  10. Ubu

    Ubu Road Train Member

    Aug 25, 2012
    Rumored to be somewhere
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