How much can you negotiate at the dealer?

Discussion in 'Trucker Taxes and Truck Financing' started by Driver Eight, Dec 4, 2019.

  1. Driver Eight

    Driver Eight Light Load Member

    Oct 26, 2012
    For a new truck. In a down market is this a thing? I also remember a long time ago reading something about dealers needing to move trucks off the lot after awhile for some insurance deal or something, but I'm a little fuzzy on that.
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  2. x1Heavy

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    Mar 5, 2016
    White County, Arkansas
    Dealers know #### well what they paid for X truck.

    You show up panting with a fistful of money to grab that precious oh so special X Truck, they will see you coming a mile off. Then turn predatory.

    I don't particularly like dealers in general. Too many of them in the auction house over the years. But I can handle them. Two simple questions. While they babbly the sales spiel.

    1- wot auction house did you get this from?


    2- How much? (Have the blue book or whatever in your pocket and subtract 30% for their margin.

    If the dealer babbles a number higher than what you have decided to spend, start walking.

    Anything else is just flat BS at the dealer. like some coffee? Maybe some snacks? People waiting on you hand and foot. Chase em off. Shoo, scram dont bother me.

    Finally but not last. One dealer one deal. No manager etc...

    If the dealer begs off and decides to go into managers office, you walk in there with him and tell manager if you cannot trust THIS dealer to make the best deal for manager and his business there is no need for dealer to ask mommy for permission to close the sale or confuse the customer (Thats you.)

    Finally prearrange at the bank a line of cash or like cash ready to go the day you touch the dealers property.

    Cash is king, anything else is BS.

    Oh one final thing.

    Papers. If they shove a foot high pile of extra BS papers offering underframe this that or some other crap at higher and higher cost over what you agreed to hand over in cash, walk.
  3. REO6205

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    Feb 15, 2014
    One thing to remember about buying a truck...they have to sell. You don't have to buy.
  4. Driver Eight

    Driver Eight Light Load Member

    Oct 26, 2012
    Ah yes, they do need. And I'm going to need to find the trucks that have been on the lot the longest, act like I only have a basic downpayment and good credit to offer. Then try and get my lowball out the door price with an APU included. They'll probably laugh at me in this market. Though I do understand some folks have lost their trucks lately due to some pesky broker rate issues etc. Not to mention Celadon.
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  5. Wespipes

    Wespipes Medium Load Member

    Jul 14, 2019
    Honestly very little. Maybe 1 or 2k Now if you're buying 3-400 trucks that's different. Down market isnt a thing. Theres companies out there that are still very profitable and buying large amounts of trucks.
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  6. Upinsmoke

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    Feb 26, 2019
    Kenworth plant is in Chillicothe ohio.
    They have a lot with thousands of trucks sitting there.
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  7. Driver Eight

    Driver Eight Light Load Member

    Oct 26, 2012
    I need a sattelite photo to take to the Kenworth salesman, whip it out at the right time :D
  8. mover man

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    Feb 21, 2010
    As much as you want! Remember you do t HAVE to buy. The dealer doesn't HAVE to sell. Although the salesman probably has mouths to feed, and that's selling is how he does it.
    Just no what you want, and no what the max your willing to pay for it.
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